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Netgalley: The Bookbinder’s Daughter

Netgalley Reviewers – delighted to tell you that my new Jessica Thorne book, The Bookbinder’s Daughter, is up on Netgalley today. Click here to request a copy for review.

A magical library. A broken family. A dangerous secret.

It also features a magic if slightly demonic cat called Titivillus and is inspired by all things #Libraryland. Come and explore the enchanted world of the #AyredaleSpecialCollection

The Bookbinder’s Daughter will be released on the 20th September.


The Stone’s Heart is out today!

I’m absolutely delighted that The Stone’s Heart, the sequel to The Queen’s Wing by my alter-ego Jessica Thorne is out today. We’re back to Anthaeus, and this time the story is told not just by Bel, but also by Petra, her ever-faithful General of the Queen’s Guard.

But Petra has problems of her own. Not only is her ex, Bel’s brother Zander, on Anathaeus for the wedding, but also a delegation from the Empress, heading by the handsome, charming and enigmatic Lord Teel.


Something evil is gathering power in the kingdom. It knows the secrets in your heart, and nobody is safe…

The Stone’s Heart is out now.

Magical places of Dubh Linn: Shielmartin Hill

Sheilmartin Hill, Howth in A Hollow in the Hills by Ruth Frances Long
Shielmartin Hill, Howth in A Hollow in the Hills by Ruth Frances Long

Shielmartin hill is part of Howth Head, overlooking Dublin and features in A Hollow in the Hills. Local tradition says that the cairn on the summit was the burial place of Crimthann. Most of the summit appears to be made up of the cairn, with other cairns built on top of it.

One of my many magical places around Dublin featuring in A Crack in Everything and A Hollow in the Hills.

I’m going to post some more of them over the next while.  Stay tuned.

In the meantime check out the Goodreads giveaway running for another 8 days.

Shoes, Ducks & Maids of the Sea – Free ebook

So here it is folks – the IBbY ebook for Children’s Book Day.

Shoes Ducks and Maids of the SeaShoes Ducks and Maids of the Sea is a collection of thirteen short stories retelling the classic tales of Hans Christian Anderson with an Irish eye. There are stories from Paula Leyden, Oisín McGann, David Rudden, Sheena Wilkinson, Deirdre Sullivan, Claire Hennessy, Paul Timoney, Anna Carey, Siobhán Parkinson, Sarah Webb, Darragh Martin and me!

You can download Shoes, Ducks and Maids of the Sea here and check out the awesome stuff on, the new website for international Children’s books featuring articles, reviews and children’s lit from all around the world.

And come along to the launch tonight at 6.30pm in the Workmans Club, Wellington Quay, Dublin, if you can.

Paperback release countdown begins

It’s 42 days until the paperback release of The Treachery of Beautiful Things. 42, such an awesome number!

To celebrate I made a thing again. It’s rather pretty. You can help me spread the word by sharing.

The Treachery of Beautiful Things by Ruth Frances Long - paperback available 1st August 2013
The Treachery of Beautiful Things by Ruth Frances Long – paperback available 1st August 2013


You can pre-order a copy online from all sorts of places like Indiebound, Book Depository & Amazon

More things to come in the next month and a half (or so). Keep checking back with me.

Launch Day – The Treachery of Beautiful Things

And what a wonderful day it has been so far.

All the lovely wishes, the people saying hello and congrats, friends and strangers, and the photos people have been sending of the book appearing on their eReaders!

I’m so happy that we’re here, and that Treachery (which was once just May Queen) is out in the world. So thank you to everyone who helped — friends, crit partners, gnats, agents, editors, everyone. You’ve all been amazing.

Now available:

Indiebound Book Depository | | Barnes & Noble | Powells

and from your local bookseller

Psst wanna win an ARC of The Treachery of Beautiful Things?

I’ve a guestpost up on The Book Pushers today, as part of their Fantasy Appreciation Week, on fairytales in modern fantasy — Fairytales in a modern dress. And if that’s not lure enough… oh all right, you can enter to win an author review copy of The Treachery of Beautiful Things!

The giveaway ends on 13th April, and it’s open internationally.

Busy busy busy

Still in the writing cave. Peering out from time to time with at confused, “there’s a world out there” blinking gaze.

I’m a bit over half way through draft zero having got lots done this Sunday thanks to a rugby game which entertained everyone in the house, except for the last five minutes when they hid behind furniture, shouted & threw things*

But this is a small update to let you know that The Treachery of Beautiful Things is now available on Netgalley. There are criteria with regards to getting a review copy however, and not that many available. But still its a very big YAY from me. I hope everyone enjoys it.

There is also a review on goodreads from someone who had one of the print ARCs. This also gets a very big YAY from me.

Oh, and on Friday I will be at the Pen Dinner which is very exciting. Because Joseph O’Connor is getting the award from the President. Of Ireland. SO for most of the rest of the week I will be tackling girlie things like hair and dresses and high heels.

*Retreats. Blinking.*


*not really… or at least not much

2010 and onwards

(Yes, I’m late. Why does this surprise you?)

Well, it’s been quite a year. Let’s see if I can sum it up… er…

In January The Wolf’s Mate came out as an ebook, the novella tracking the further adventures of Jeren and Shan from The Wolf’s Sister sporting a gorgeous cover from Natalie Winters.

In February I finished the first draft of The Wolf’s Destiny.

March brought the Pheonix Convention or Pcon which is always awesome fun.

April and the awesome news that May Queen had sold to Dial Books for Young Readers. OMG the stress and excitement.  Then there was a blurr of contracts, rewrites, and a variety of things I’d never imagined.

In May Soul Fire came out in print. I was so busy I almost missed it. Poor neglected book. Paranormal Romance with sexy sidhe should never be neglected. If you missed it, you might like to go and look now. It also has a magnificent cover. I’ll wait.

Spent most of the summer writing Graffiti Angel and editing The Wolf’s Destiny. In July I went to the RNA conference in Greenwich which was incredibly fun! And just a bit glam!

Sad news reached me in August that my wonderful super-agent Colleen Lindsay was giving up agenting but luck was with me and the equally fantastic Suzie Townsend won the wrestling took me on and things have been going swimmingly since then. And I can still have random chats with Colleen about Dr. Who and mad cats whenever! 🙂

September… I think I lost September somewhere. Checked down the back of the sofa but no joy.

October means Octocon. George R. R. Martin was Guest of Honour. Met so many wonderful people! <3 to you all. I was also a Geek of the Week.  At the end of October we went to Ashford Castle for a Harry Potter night. It was awesome!

November was Wexworlds which was a winter wonderland edition as all the snow in the world decided to fall on Wexford that weekend. We met, among others, Eoin Colfer which made my son’s decade (a feat as he’s not quite a decade old)! It also brought rewrites on May Queen which are now all done.

December brought Songs of the Wolf to print, The Wolf’s Sister and The Wolf’s Mate collected together for the first time with another lovely Natalie Winters cover. My first and latest Samhain novella together. Pretty! And a freakin’ unbelievable amount of snow! I mostly hibernated. This also meant I got the second round of edits on May Queen finished early (Yay me!) and sent them back.

So what next? Well, we’ll have to see what 2011 brings. I’m off to Rome for a libraryland conference this week – will be sure to bring back photos. Many many photos. And tonnes of inspiration. I’ve started working on Forest King, the sequel to May Queen, and a number of other things (of course). Looking forward to the Pen dinner in February and PCon in March – anywhere writers gather really. RNA conference is in Caerleon this summer and as plans stand I’m definitely going. It’s only a ferry ride away. Ok, a ferry ride and a drive/train, but close enough. And this is the year we will knock May Queen into its final shape.

It’s shaping up to be an exciting year. Can’t wait.