The Water Witch

 width=Publication Date 5th August 2022
Publisher Bookouture
ISBN: 978-1-80314-254-8
eBook ISBN: 978-1-80314-253-1
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A lost underwater city. A terrible curse. And only one woman who can break it…

I’ll wait in the land beneath the waves. I curse you and yours to drown.

Brittany, France. Archaeologist Ariadne Walker has never believed local legends of the lost underwater city of Ys or the story of the water witch: the princess of Ys who cursed her lover when he betrayed her. And when her fiancé Simon drowns, following a trail of treasure he believes leads to Ys, Ari’s whole life shatters.

Walking alone on the cliffs with her grief, Ari is approached by a mysterious masked figure. But when the figure removes the mask Ari’s heart almost stops beating. The figure has Simon’s face: but disappears even as she stands frozen in shock.

Only Rafael – a local whose family have lived here for centuries – has answers. When Ari meets him by the shore, saltwater dripping from his dark curls, he reveals the devastating truth. The water witch has doomed Simon’s soul to become her servant, forever wandering the storm-swept cliffs. She will soon claim Rafael too. The only way to save them both is to find the lost city, where the secret to breaking the curse is hidden.

When Ari and Rafael find a hidden underwater chamber filled with strange rock carvings, she knows they are close to the truth. But will her growing passion for Rafael shatter Ari’s heart all over again? And to finally break the curse, will the water witch demand another sacrifice?

An absolutely addictive romantic fantasy read filled with passion and mystery, that will sweep you away to the wild coast of northern France. Inspired by real myths and legends from this magical place, The Water Witch is perfect for fans of Luanne G. Smith, River of Shadows and Jennifer L. Armentrout.

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Extremely good!!Absolutely perfect and just beautiful and I’ve never wanted to visit the coast of France more than I do now!!… Fantastic… Wonderful… I enjoyed this book SO MUCH.’ @nightowlloft

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This book was AMAZING. I absolutely adored it! It has everything I want… I love the blending of fantasy and reality together.’ @alexwojoreads

‘The perfect binge-able fantasy romance! Treasure hunters, family curses, and a sexy French billionaire all set on the French coast… A suspenseful emotional roller-coaster… I loved the twist… I would highly recommend this.’ Goodreads reviewer

‘This book is such a rollercoaster of emotions and I absolutely loved it. I read it straight through and only stopped because people kept asking if they should make supper.’ Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars

‘A thrilling fantasy novel… Heartbreaking, exciting and sad… wanting to scream at the characters… I would recommend this to anyone… such a great book.’ The Storygraph