#YAieDay and Octocon

So, #YAieDay is on Twitter tomorrow, a day when we celebrate all things YA in Ireland, and I’m going to be on from 1.10-1.50 swearing… sorry “talking” about swearing with Kim Hood and Sally Nicholls. Follow the #YAieDay hashtag on … Continue reading

Magical Places of Dubh Linn: The Dubh Linn Gardens & Chester Beatty Library

In the grounds of Dublin Castle, the Dubh Linn gardens sit on the site of the original black pool. They are decorated with intertwined brick pathways representing eels. The central lawn double jobs as a helicopter landing pad, while small … Continue reading


A little break in our usual programming

Just to let people know I’ll be mostly offline for the next couple of weeks.

But when I come back… oh when I come back…


*awkward silence*

In the meantime, I found this clip of Eddie Lenihan, a seanchaí, and his story of the black dog. Seanchaí are traditional Irish storytellers and folk historians. I love Black Dog legends. There’s one near where I grew up, and my mother’s family come from Dartmoor so… enough said.

I’m currently reading Eddie Lenihan’s book Meeting the Other Crowd.

For reasons.