Die Chroniken der Fae and Preorders


So, first up, something I have been dying to share for AGES! A Crack in Everything has been translated in to German and will be on sale in October this year. It’s called Der Chroniken der Fae – Auf Papier und Asche. More details here on the RandomHouse.de website. And have I mentioned the AWESOME cover?

So so beautiful and lovely to see Izzy at last. Blessed by the cover fairies again!

But that’s not all! (as they say on T.V.)

A Hollow in the Hills, the sequel to A Crack in Everything, is up on Amazon for pre-order and on Waterstones as well (and presumably in other places too!)

Something is stirring beneath Dubh Linn.

When an ancient and forbidden power is unleashed, Izzy, who is still coming to terms with her newfound powers, must prevent a war from engulfing Dublin and the fae realm of Dubh Linn.  But by refusing to sacrifice Jinx – fae warrior and her ‘not-really-ex’ – Izzy sets in motion a chain of events which will see them hunted across the city and into the hills where she’ll face the greatest challenge of all.

In the deepest and darkest Hollow, an angel of death is waiting … and the price he asks for his help might be too high …

Pre-order today! 😀

Well that was unexpected!

Today I found out that I’ve been awarded the The Spirit of Dedication Award For Best Author of Children’s Science Fiction and Fantasy by the European Science Fiction Society at their annual Eurocon convention in St. Petersburg. I never win things. This is just so amazing! I can’t quite believe it yet. I get an award jointly with the Russian illustrator Anton Lomaev, whose art is simply breathtaking!

The lovely Gar Kavanagh is bringing it back for me and in the meantime sent me photos!

The Spirit of Dedication Award For Best Author of Childrens Science Fiction and Fantasy

The Spirit of Dedication Award For Best Author of Children’s Science Fiction and Fantasy














The full list of awards is available on the ESFS website here. So it really is real and my goodness what a list to be on! Congrats to everyone on it, especially Song of the Sea (can’t wait to see it) and Liz Bourke! 

I’m over the moon! (no pun intended!), especially after a very bleak week. Thank you so much!

Worlds Beyond!

So, a little while ago, I was part of the Worlds Beyond on PhoenixFM 92.5FM, sponsored by Octocon, and I ramble quite a lot about all sorts of things writing and fandom. It’s an hourlong show, hosted by the wonderful Janet O’Sullivan and I’m there from about the 30min mark. You’ll also hear Janet and John Vaughan discussing the Golden Blasters.

You can listen here in all its glorious rambliness*.


Unexpected photo of me at the radio station, taken by Janet. Was not expecting that!


*rambliness just applies to me, naturally. Everyone else is very to the point and fascinating. 😀

Kicking off World Book Week

I had an action packed day yesterday, reading in my local Dubray Bookshop in Bray in the morning and in the Rathmines branch in the afternoon. Groups from the local schools came along and were of course brilliant and lovely. As were all the staff. I think we had a ball. I did, anyway! I read from A Crack in Everything. We talked about writing, books, movies, and even my horror of Wuthering Heights being billed as a romance.

Below are some pictures to give you an idea of the day.

(many thanks to Avril Cannon for the Bray Reading Photo and to Martin Shannon for the Rathmines one)


Dubray, Bray

Dubray Bray - Reading

Reading in Dubray, Bray

Dubray Rathmines

Reading in Dubray, Rathmines


World Book Day Week!

As World Book Day (5th March) spreads out we kind of have a World Book week now!

I have a number of events lined up for the week including a number of school visits and author events at bookshops to which anyone came come. Please do!

2nd March

10am – Dubray Bookshop, Main Street, Bray (my local bookshop. Very exciting!)

2.30pm – Dubray Books, Swan Centre Rathmines

5th March

Time tbc – Waterstones Drogheda

I’ll be reading from A Crack in Everything and signing and talking to groups from local schools.

In addition to the bookshops I’ll be visiting a number of schools, doing a workshop and generally squeeing about writing and books. As you do. I’m going to be, as they say, mad busy.

Have a great week everyone.

Paranormal Roadtrip – Spooky Dublin

Recently I was asked to write blog post on the spookiest places in Dublin, as part of From the Shadows Paranormal Roadtrip. Because A Crack in Everything is set in Dublin I already had a number of ideas lined up. Ghost stories are an intrinsic part of folklore and probably the stories we are all most familiar with. Dublin has more than its fair share, but I was only allowed to pick five.


So difficult.

So here they are:

Paranormal Roadtrip: Destination Dublin with Ruth Frances Long

Paranormal Road Trip: Destination Dublin, Ireland with Ruth Frances Long author of fantasy A Crack in Everything

Happy New Year

So lots of new things coming up this year including the sequel to A Crack in Everything. More news when I have it.

On the 12th January I’m part of Paranormal Road Trips at From the Shadows telling you about my Top 5 spooky places in Dublin and their stories. Thanks so much to E. J. Stevens for inviting me to do this. I loved every minute. And as Dublin is old, it has a load of spooky stories associated with it. I only scratched the surface. You can RSVP on Goodreads if you’d like to get a reminder.


Going Dark

New Grange Solstice Sunrise

I’m going to plug A Crack in Everything as a prezzie one last time. Angels, demons and scary fairies in Dublin

I say one last time because I’ll be going dark for Xmas after today. So I might plug it again tonight. But after that I’ll shut up. Maybe.

Of course if you haven’t read The Treachery of Beautiful things you should totally get that too. Or any of my books really. #Buymybooks

That gratuitous self promotion was brought to you by commercialism and the need to pay for my Xmas shopping. No really.

So happy Winter Solstice , Christmas and New Year to everyone. See you all in 2015 for another exciting year and A Hollow in the Hills, where Izzy, Jinx, Dylan and friends (?) will be back to cause mayhem in Dublin again.

Photo from Newgrange.com


Two awesome things – A Crack in Everything recommended read & #YAIE

I was in the Gutter Bookshop in Dalkey today and found A Crack in Everything in a proud position as part of their Christmas recommendations for teens. So now they have signed copies. And I have a lovely photo.


In some rather smashing company too.

And on Twitter there is now a hashtag for all things YA in Ireland – #YAIE and an account @booksyaie – thanks to Michelle Moloney King,   and 

Can’t wait for it.

Join us for the inaugural Twitter chat – next Wed (Dec 17), 7.30-8.30pm. Topic: ‘Irish books I wish were written when I was a YA’. #YAIE