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Post Pcon Post

Well, I it’s a week after PCon and I’m still recovering! My con report is up on Writing.ie with pictures by Kate Sheehy. Thanks to Elizabeth Murray for inviting us to play on her blog. 🙂 Make sure to visit and read all about it. (zombie fuelled mayhem, one way trips to Mars – what more do you want?)

In the meantime I have my edits back so may be dropping off the face of the earth (a little bit more than usual). So excited about the various changes. It’s getting so much closer!

I will be back soon, I promise.

Almost P-Con

It’s that time  of year again!

Pcon (Phoenix Convention) starts on Friday 4th and runs through to Sunday 6th. It’s always fun, entertaining and just a little bit mad. And chock full of great stuff.

Panels and details are here.

I’m on the following panels*:


11am: Books I wish I’d read before I was 18

Panellists will discuss books they’ve read as adults that they wish they’d read when they were younger.


10am: (Help me! Help me!) The art of reading

A discussion on an author’s considerations in planning a reading, tips on the event itself, and ideas on follow-up afterwards.

2pm: The Library of the future

(Libraryland and Writing life collide!)

4pm: Channels to market for the writer

The various routes authors have taken to publication


So if you’re around, pop in. And if you pop in, please say hello! (I typed help three times there. Hope that’s not an omen). Take lots of photos (I’ll hide). And above all have fun.


*And if I’m not in a panel room, check the bar! 😉

2010 and onwards

(Yes, I’m late. Why does this surprise you?)

Well, it’s been quite a year. Let’s see if I can sum it up… er…

In January The Wolf’s Mate came out as an ebook, the novella tracking the further adventures of Jeren and Shan from The Wolf’s Sister sporting a gorgeous cover from Natalie Winters.

In February I finished the first draft of The Wolf’s Destiny.

March brought the Pheonix Convention or Pcon which is always awesome fun.

April and the awesome news that May Queen had sold to Dial Books for Young Readers. OMG the stress and excitement.  Then there was a blurr of contracts, rewrites, and a variety of things I’d never imagined.

In May Soul Fire came out in print. I was so busy I almost missed it. Poor neglected book. Paranormal Romance with sexy sidhe should never be neglected. If you missed it, you might like to go and look now. It also has a magnificent cover. I’ll wait.

Spent most of the summer writing Graffiti Angel and editing The Wolf’s Destiny. In July I went to the RNA conference in Greenwich which was incredibly fun! And just a bit glam!

Sad news reached me in August that my wonderful super-agent Colleen Lindsay was giving up agenting but luck was with me and the equally fantastic Suzie Townsend won the wrestling took me on and things have been going swimmingly since then. And I can still have random chats with Colleen about Dr. Who and mad cats whenever! 🙂

September… I think I lost September somewhere. Checked down the back of the sofa but no joy.

October means Octocon. George R. R. Martin was Guest of Honour. Met so many wonderful people! <3 to you all. I was also a Geek of the Week.  At the end of October we went to Ashford Castle for a Harry Potter night. It was awesome!

November was Wexworlds which was a winter wonderland edition as all the snow in the world decided to fall on Wexford that weekend. We met, among others, Eoin Colfer which made my son’s decade (a feat as he’s not quite a decade old)! It also brought rewrites on May Queen which are now all done.

December brought Songs of the Wolf to print, The Wolf’s Sister and The Wolf’s Mate collected together for the first time with another lovely Natalie Winters cover. My first and latest Samhain novella together. Pretty! And a freakin’ unbelievable amount of snow! I mostly hibernated. This also meant I got the second round of edits on May Queen finished early (Yay me!) and sent them back.

So what next? Well, we’ll have to see what 2011 brings. I’m off to Rome for a libraryland conference this week – will be sure to bring back photos. Many many photos. And tonnes of inspiration. I’ve started working on Forest King, the sequel to May Queen, and a number of other things (of course). Looking forward to the Pen dinner in February and PCon in March – anywhere writers gather really. RNA conference is in Caerleon this summer and as plans stand I’m definitely going. It’s only a ferry ride away. Ok, a ferry ride and a drive/train, but close enough. And this is the year we will knock May Queen into its final shape.

It’s shaping up to be an exciting year. Can’t wait.

P-Con Panels

Less than a week left to the wonderful Phoenix Convention (or P-con as it is affectionately known). I’m really looking forward to this one. P-con was the first con I attended as a writer (as an adult) and found an abundance of people with all the same interests as me.

This year I was invited as a guest and have panels. So exciting! 🙂

Saturday, 6th

10am Is it time for “Return of the Werewolves”?

Nick Harkaway, Brian J. Showers, Laura Anne Gilman, Maura McHugh, R. F. Long

And then all Saturday is mine to play with!

Sunday, 7th however is a different matter – I will be a busy girl.

12pm Keyboard or pen – Room for both?

R. F. Long, Oisín McGann, Maura McHugh

2pm Has the Internet become indespensible?

Cheryl Morgan, Bob Neilson, R. F. Long, Maura McHugh

4pm E-Books

R. F. Long, Nich Harkaway, Colin Smythe, Derek Gunn

So far I’ve got the following answers “Yes”, “Em”, “YES”, and “Yay!”

But we’ll see how that goes. I’m in with some pretty impressive individuals so … yeah… wow! This is going to be fun.