Busy busy busy

Still in the writing cave. Peering out from time to time with at confused, “there’s a world out there” blinking gaze.

I’m a bit over half way through draft zero having got lots done this Sunday thanks to a rugby game which entertained everyone in the house, except for the last five minutes when they hid behind furniture, shouted & threw things*

But this is a small update to let you know that The Treachery of Beautiful Things is now available on Netgalley. There are criteria with regards to getting a review copy however, and not that many available. But still its a very big YAY from me. I hope everyone enjoys it.

There is also a review on goodreads from someone who had one of the print ARCs. This also gets a very big YAY from me.

Oh, and on Friday I will be at the Pen Dinner which is very exciting. Because Joseph O’Connor is getting the award from the President. Of Ireland. SO for most of the rest of the week I will be tackling girlie things like hair and dresses and high heels.

*Retreats. Blinking.*


*not really… or at least not much

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