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David Bowie

Like everyone else I woke up this morning to the news that David Bowie passed away. The shock makes it feel not quite real. I was pretty certain that if anyone was immortal, or had some sort of extended fae life, it was him.

Everyone has their favourites, their face of David Bowie.

I grew up with Bowie as a soundtrack. With older sisters, his music was very much part of our household. Hunky Dory, still my favorite album, is the same age as me. Life on Mars resonates across years, more meaningful each time I listen.

Bowie made magical music, about life, death and everything in between. Love songs, and tragedies, comical, meaningful… words that make you think, that continue to inspire. The imagery he could create in just a few words, the emotions he could convey, the breadth of his work and the art he made in sound and vision… these are the things that continue. He showed us that the weird, the different, the magical is all part of life and that we can embrace it, within ourselves and without.

Somewhere still Major Tom, the Starman, Ziggy Stardust or the Goblin King is waiting.

In case anyone ever doubted it, the ball scene in The Treachery of Beautiful Things is based on this scene from the wonderful Labyrinth and the song As The World Falls Down.

Roll on 2014

So in the midst of all the writing, and the watching of Doctor Who and Sherlock, 2014 arrived.

I’m pretty excited about 2014, as my new YA series starts this year with A Crack in Everything coming out in the autumn. I am working away on the sequel at the moment A Hollow in the Hills and it’s starting to come together (slowly… see above re Doctor Who and Sherlock).

And there will be some more news soon. Oh yes there will.

In the meantime, here is an interview I did with Deirdre from Dublin City Libraries in which I talk about libraries, writing, favorite authors & books and pretty much whatever else crosses my mind. As usual. 😀


Skiffy & Fanty & Me!

Here’s another of those cool things I’ve been meaning to tell you. So excited about this one as I’m a big fan of the Skiffy and Fanty Show and recently I recorded a podcast with them, all about The Treachery of Beautiful Things, and folklore, and storytelling, and… all sorts of things. It was great.

(I’m late telling you guys because of holidays. My holidays were rather wonderful and I didn’t do a lot of things. I have a multitude of photos which I have to put together in some sort of manageable format and link).

So here it is

hee – they called me the fairy queen! Don’t tell Titania.

No seriously, please don’t tell her.

They’re only trees

Another spooky image. Spot the monster in the trees…

They're only trees
They’re only trees

Based on a photo I took up on Killiney Hill
There’s some more to come but I’m off to the Romantic Novelists Conference in Sheffield this weekend.

Imogen Howson and I will be giving a talk on writing YA called “The 16 year old in my head”. Should be fun. Or terrifying. Perhaps both. But afterwards there will be lots of partying to enjoy. I’m really looking forward to it.

I’d better start packing.


Paperback release countdown begins

It’s 42 days until the paperback release of The Treachery of Beautiful Things. 42, such an awesome number!

To celebrate I made a thing again. It’s rather pretty. You can help me spread the word by sharing.

The Treachery of Beautiful Things by Ruth Frances Long - paperback available 1st August 2013
The Treachery of Beautiful Things by Ruth Frances Long – paperback available 1st August 2013


You can pre-order a copy online from all sorts of places like Indiebound, Book Depository & Amazon

More things to come in the next month and a half (or so). Keep checking back with me.