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Mansion of MadnessShoes, Ducks and Maids of the SeaRuins Metropolis

Black Dogs – in Mansion of Madness

Winter – in Shoes, Ducks and Maids of the Sea, Irish Retellings of the Tales of Hans Christian Anderson (IBbY/imageinenations.ie, 2014)

The Wrecker’s Daughter — in Ocean Magazine (Fall, 2008)

Carrying Keptara — in the Ruins Metropolis Anthology from Hadley Rille Books now available at Amazon.com

“Carrying Keptara by RF Long is a beautifully written piece that really resonates, set during the destruction of the Minoan Civilisation“–Read the full review here.

Elements — in the Flashing Swords 2008 Summer Special

“Last night I read Elements by R.F. Long. Loved it. Great story and nice to see an Arthurian tale that owes more to the Mabinogion than French Romance.” — Lee Reynoldson, author.

Over the Transom Shakespearean Rant with Mike Munsil (Poor Mojo’s Almanac(k))

The Lost Rose (Haruah, 2007)

Anything for Love (Haruah, 2007)

Falling (Turn the Page, 2007)