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Last ARC competition Winner

Look what we found while out walking in the woods yesterday. Half a greenman mask perhaps? It must be a SIGN.

Da dah Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!


The winner of the Last ARC and all its associated swag (as selected by 10yo & 7yo by virtue of lots of numbers written on pieces of paper & sleected at random) is…

Jeanmarie Anaya

The Greenman is either trying to tell you he needs a haircut (rather, a pruning, to be more precise), OR he’s trying to tell you his head is on backwards and he needs a shave. Either way, there’s pruning required.

Congratulations. There will be an email on the way to you in just a moment.

Thanks so much for entering everyone. Sorry about the shaky start but if you all will try to reach my poor website at the same time, no wonder it got panic and ran away to hide!

It’s less than a month to go.

Tomorrow I am off to Prague for that library conference, including a tour of Strahov Monastery & library which is very exciting. I will be taking lots of pics and maybe some video if I can get that to work. Talk soon.

100 days to go – ARC giveaway!

Woo-HOO!You may have noticed the sparkly loveliness in my sidebar, counting down until the 16th of August, 2012.

This is because it is now 100 days until The Treachery of Beautiful Things launches in the US.  *Throws confetti*

To celebrate, it’s giveaway time. To win one of the last ARCs I have, leave a comment below telling me something beautiful and something treacherous. The winner will be picked in an extremely subjective manner — maybe by asking a kid, maybe by asking the Patchwork Cat, maybe by selecting random number.

Remember you can find out more about Treachery and read an exclusive preview on this site.

It’s available for pre-order in all these shiny places –

Indiebound Book Depository | | Barnes & Noble | Powells


Please spread the word, tell your friends, RT, Tumbl (is that a word? It is NOW) and let’s make this as much fun as possible. The competition is open from now until the 15th May 2012, a whole week. Remember, one post each – something beautiful and something treacherous. It can even be both.


fireworks by

Hurray for news! Bigger Hurray for Competitions!!!

This is another quick blog update but with some super news.

I’m going to be a guest at TitanCon in Belfast in September. I’ll be reading on the evening of the 21st September in McHugh’s and I’ll be at the con all day on Saturday 22nd. Anyone there, please come and say hi!

Also up today is a guest post I wrote for Tangled Up in Words and their Why I Write segment.  It almost sounds sane. Well, sane-ish. Maybe. But most importantly the Tangled Authors are have a massive giveaway which is open for about 3 more days and includes, among many other shiny & spectacular things, one of those elusive ARCs of The Treachery of Beautiful Things. Go and enter! While you’re there maybe leave a comment for me, pretty please?

Psst wanna win an ARC of The Treachery of Beautiful Things?

I’ve a guestpost up on The Book Pushers today, as part of their Fantasy Appreciation Week, on fairytales in modern fantasy — Fairytales in a modern dress. And if that’s not lure enough… oh all right, you can enter to win an author review copy of The Treachery of Beautiful Things!

The giveaway ends on 13th April, and it’s open internationally.

New Release – help spread the word & win a copy

Out Today: Songs of the Wolf (Tales of the Holtlands)

The Wolf’s Sister and The Wolf’s Mate in a single print volume.

ISBN: 978-1605049205

It can be ordered from MBaM, BookDepository, or

A love transcending race and culture…a love worth a fight to the death.

The Wolf’s Sister
Elite Fey’na warrior Shan is driven by hatred for the Lord of River Holt, the human who killed his sister. Vengeance is his only goal. Then he meets a woman on the run.

Jeren is desperate to escape her brother before his misuse of magic consumes his sanity. She finds safety and protection with Shan…but only so long as she hides her kinship with the Lord of River Holt…

The Wolf’s Mate
Jeren doesn’t expect Shan’s people to readily accept her, but she’s determined to prove herself worthy. Then the eyes of the beautiful sect mother fall on Shan, turning Jeren’s new world upside down.

Shan wants nothing more than to be with Jeren, but the sect mother has cleverly bound him to her service—full time. Yet he vows the suicide mission he’s been assigned won’t stop him from returning to claim Jeren.

Left alone to make a place for herself, Jeren’s own people seek her out—and force her into a terrible choice. She can set them free …but only if she forsakes Shan.

  • 4.5 Stars — “I haven’t read such a beautifully written tale in a very long time!” — Natalie, The Library
  • 5 Angels & a Recommended Read – “The fascination that I first felt when I had the chance to read the blurb for this book was well justified…I love to read books that make me feel the emotions that the players experience, be it fear, pain, anger, happiness, sorrow and frustration. The battles that these two go through make you ask yourself what next and when will it end, but the ending is very rewarding. Overall, I could read this book repeatedly and find something new in it. Thanks to R. F. Long for a very wonderful read.” – Darksnite, Fallen Angel Reviews
  • “It’s well written, fast paced and filled with interesting and unique characters….The best part of the story is Jeren herself. I liked her in The Wolf’s Sister but in this release, she really grows and shines, as she turns into a confident and determined woman, willing to fight for her man. I’m very curious to see what happens to these two mates with the next and last release.” – 4 Nymphs, Mystical Nymph, Literary Nymphs Reviews Only

The Wolf’s Sister Booktrailer

The Wolf’s Mate Booktrailer

Please help spread the word. Tweet, blog, review, link or whatever. (Anything to take my mind off the Budget and the weather here today!)


Leave a comment below and I’ll enter you into a draw to win a signed copy (or an ebook bundle if you’d prefer).

This competition is open to all (but for our friends across the Atlantic please bear in mind that the print copy might take a while to get to you as the row-boat is busy every other Tuesday! ;))

I’ll be selecting a winner at random (or by small child) on Friday.