100 days to go – ARC giveaway!

Woo-HOO!You may have noticed the sparkly loveliness in my sidebar, counting down until the 16th of August, 2012.

This is because it is now 100 days until The Treachery of Beautiful Things launches in the US.  *Throws confetti*

To celebrate, it’s giveaway time. To win one of the last ARCs I have, leave a comment below telling me something beautiful and something treacherous. The winner will be picked in an extremely subjective manner — maybe by asking a kid, maybe by asking the Patchwork Cat, maybe by selecting random number.

Remember you can find out more about Treachery and read an exclusive preview on this site.

It’s available for pre-order in all these shiny places –

Indiebound Book Depository | Amazon.com

Amazon.co.uk | Barnes & Noble | Powells


Please spread the word, tell your friends, RT, Tumbl (is that a word? It is NOW) and let’s make this as much fun as possible. The competition is open from now until the 15th May 2012, a whole week. Remember, one post each – something beautiful and something treacherous. It can even be both.


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17 thoughts on “100 days to go – ARC giveaway!

  1. Something beautiful: a newborn puppy

    Something treacherous: The cornered opossum on my backyard deck the other night

  2. Something beautiful: The first time your child smiles.

    Something treacherous: A drunk driver.


  3. Something beautiful: Holding a brand new book that you’ve been looking for, for the first time.

    Something treacherous: Losing your best friend.

  4. Something beautiful: Sunrise

    Something treacherous: Tornado (one hit my town last month- 5 miles away)

  5. Something both beautiful and treacherous (depending on when you ask): writing a book…
    So excited for The Treachery of Beautiful Things and cannot wait 100 days to find out more about it!

  6. Something beautiful: an empty inbox…
    Something treacherous: the way the sky looks right now

  7. Beautiful – my daughter’s giggle
    Treacherous – politics within a church

  8. Something beautiful: When a newborn baby wraps its hand around your thumb.

    Something treacherous: Deciding what you want to do with your future.

  9. Something beautiful and treacherous and all the beauty in between: terrible, wonderful, consuming love; or the way he smiles in a certain light, before he breaks your heart.

    Thank you for the giveaway! xx

  10. Something beautiful and treacherous: Life

    Totally cheesy, but absolutely true. Ha. There’s nothing scarier or more rewarding.

    Congratulations and Good Luck to everyone 🙂

  11. The Patchwork Cat is beautiful. Admitting this in front of my own cats, that’s treacherous.

  12. Something beautiful: Living out your dream

    Something treacherous: Seeing someone you love cry and not know how to help.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

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