Last ARC competition Winner

Look what we found while out walking in the woods yesterday. Half a greenman mask perhaps? It must be a SIGN.

Da dah Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!


The winner of the Last ARC and all its associated swag (as selected by 10yo & 7yo by virtue of lots of numbers written on pieces of paper & sleected at random) is…

Jeanmarie Anaya

The Greenman is either trying to tell you he needs a haircut (rather, a pruning, to be more precise), OR he’s trying to tell you his head is on backwards and he needs a shave. Either way, there’s pruning required.

Congratulations. There will be an email on the way to you in just a moment.

Thanks so much for entering everyone. Sorry about the shaky start but if you all will try to reach my poor website at the same time, no wonder it got panic and ran away to hide!

It’s less than a month to go.

Tomorrow I am off to Prague for that library conference, including a tour of Strahov Monastery & library which is very exciting. I will be taking lots of pics and maybe some video if I can get that to work. Talk soon.

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