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Haste to the Wedding – a music post

One of the recurring themes in The Treachery of Beautiful Things is the traditional tune “Haste to the Wedding”. It is the tune with which Tom first wakes the trees, and the tune which lures Jenny into the Realm seven years later.

This is one of my favourite versions of it, as it captures all the different nuances in this piece of music.  The introduction, played by Sharon Corr is simply beautiful, while the main tune, Part 2 (as used in the book), kicks off about the 3.33 minute mark and is builds in life an energy as the music turns from traditional to modern (and Mick Fleetwood joins in on drums). If you don’t want to listen to the whole thing, listen to that. But you’ll be missing out.


I’m so glad Warner music has this on Youtube so I can share it with you.

Proofs–it exists!

It’s almost a real book! I now have 5 whole copies to play with. Most of them are spoken for, alas.

But they are sooooo pretty. I believe that copies may be available for review from the Penguin Young Readers group though, but I can’t swear to that.

This is the official bit:

If you would like to request a copy of THE TREACHERY OF BEAUTIFUL THINGS to review on your blog, email Penguin Young Readers Group at yrmarketing (at) us.penguingroup (dot) com. Be sure to include your name, the name and URL of your blog, an address to which a possible review copy can be sent, plus any statistics and/or sample reviews. Please understand that galley quantities are limited and that not all requests can be filled.

Cover LOVE–first look

Just a quick but vital interruption in our scheduled blogging to reveal an almost exclusive thing of wonder.

*dances around, throws confetti, dances some more*


Because I can at last share the beautiful cover for The Treachery of Beautiful Things.* And it’s not just beautiful.

It’s SO EXCITING. *throws more confetti*

Isn't it AWESOME???

It’s so perfect I can’t believe it. It’s Jenny as the May Queen and I can’t stop adoring it.

To differentiate between my adult and YA writing, we decided to publish The Treachery of Beautiful Things under the name Ruth Frances Long. It’s available for Pre-order from Book Depository and Amazon.

Thanks to my wonderful editor and the fantabulous art department at Dial.


*pets cover*

*hugs cover*

Normal service will be returned when I calm down a bit! (It might take a while)



*Ok, so people on my mailing list saw it oooh five minutes ago.

Out in the wild…

Thanks to Wyvernfriend for the tip off we went into Dublin today and found…


a copy of The Scroll Thief in Waterstones!

Soooooooo exciting as it’s the first time I’ve seen it in the wild! Great was the squeeing (from me and from the family). We talked to the staff, and signed the book. And jumped up and down some more.

In other news, I’m guestblogging today at the Mad Genius Club on Myths – Old and New. Please stop by and make me look popular!!!

And just a mini reminder… Soul Fire comes out in print on Tuesday. Yay!