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David Bowie

Like everyone else I woke up this morning to the news that David Bowie passed away. The shock makes it feel not quite real. I was pretty certain that if anyone was immortal, or had some sort of extended fae life, it was him.

Everyone has their favourites, their face of David Bowie.

I grew up with Bowie as a soundtrack. With older sisters, his music was very much part of our household. Hunky Dory, still my favorite album, is the same age as me. Life on Mars resonates across years, more meaningful each time I listen.

Bowie made magical music, about life, death and everything in between. Love songs, and tragedies, comical, meaningful… words that make you think, that continue to inspire. The imagery he could create in just a few words, the emotions he could convey, the breadth of his work and the art he made in sound and vision… these are the things that continue. He showed us that the weird, the different, the magical is all part of life and that we can embrace it, within ourselves and without.

Somewhere still Major Tom, the Starman, Ziggy Stardust or the Goblin King is waiting.

In case anyone ever doubted it, the ball scene in The Treachery of Beautiful Things is based on this scene from the wonderful Labyrinth and the song As The World Falls Down.

Authors Against Bullying – 19th October

Authors Against Bullying

Today, I’m taking part in Authors Against Bullying (#AuthorsAgainstBullying), having seen Mandy M. Roth talking about it on Twitter. The following post is about my experiences and how I got past them. The post may contain some triggerish things. Just to warn you. Many years later, when I described this to some friends at a writing conference, I suddenly found myself surrounded by shocked and silent faces. Oops. Continue reading Authors Against Bullying – 19th October

Life Happens

Real life that is.

So yesterday my superagent Colleen Lindsay announced that she was leaving us for a flightless bird taking a super new job with Penguin and I got lots and lots of messages from my lovely friends to find out what was happening to her clients. You’re all wonderful and thoughtful but everything is under control.

I am now represented by another superagent from FinePrint (she has a cape and everything, perhaps even a sparkly tiara) Suzie Townsend.

So all is well and I am happy and not doing my famous headless chicken impression AT ALL. *

Our relationship with our agents and our editors is a surprisingly close one. We create things together and that makes people feel close. It’s a wonderful feeling, if you ask me. I’ve been fortunate to work with fantastic people who have moved on to other jobs in my writing life, and in my day-job life. It’s part of the rhythm of things I think. I miss working with them, but they aren’t “gone“. They are still my friends and we are still in touch. (I love Twitter SO MUCH! But that’s because I’m lazy.) I love seeing my friends do well. It’s a good thing.

I feel really lucky to have worked with Colleen. I’m desperately jealous of anyone who gets to work with her in the future. She loves May Queen almost as much as I do and while a book deal might have happened, it wouldn’t have been this one. And my book wouldn’t have been the book it is now, or the book it will become (because we all know a book isn’t finished until its finally subbed for printing 😉 )

I’m also really excited about working with Suzie because… omg, just go and google her! 😀

I finished the first draft of Graffiti Angel last night. It’s rough and ready but I think it basically hangs together well. The people with the wip-whips (those friends who read my books piecemeal and keep me writing by various forms of threats and nagging) seem to like it which is very promising.

And of course I forgot to save it to drop box so its sitting on my laptop and I’m deeply paranoid I didn’t save the end properly and will have to write it again.

And there’s no one at home right now to check.

And I can’t drive home and check because my car is in the garage for repairs.

And my husband is in a playground which my children refuse to leave.

And.. and… and…

*deep breath*

Yeah, you don’t envy Suzie now, do you?


*not about that, anyway.