Skiffy & Fanty & Me!

Here’s another of those cool things I’ve been meaning to tell you. So excited about this one as I’m a big fan of the Skiffy and Fanty Show and recently I recorded a podcast with them, all about The Treachery of Beautiful Things, and folklore, and storytelling, and… all sorts of things. It was great.

(I’m late telling you guys because of holidays. My holidays were rather wonderful and I didn’t do a lot of things. I have a multitude of photos which I have to put together in some sort of manageable format and link).

So here it is

hee – they called me the fairy queen! Don’t tell Titania.

No seriously, please don’t tell her.

2 thoughts on “Skiffy & Fanty & Me!

  1. I grabbed this podcast before heading on holidays, and it entertained me as i wandered around Atlanta Airport. I may have been smiling far too much for someone wandering around a busy international airport.

    I then ran into, and spent time talking too, several of the Contributors and organisers at teh Convention. Which i am going to mostly blame on you!

    1. So glad you enjoyed it. It was so much fun. And yay that you met up with them. You’ll have to tell me all at Octocon next month! 😀

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