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Behind the Bestseller Podcast

I had such an amazing time talking to Sam Blake on her podcast, Behind the Bestseller. 

Romance is the biggest selling genre worldwide and award winning author Ruth Long, in all her various incarnations as RF Long, Ruth Francis Long and Jessica Thorne, writes romance combined with fantasy – from parallel worlds to sci-fi space opera, for both young adults and adults. Discussing what romance is and why it’s so popular, Sam Blake explores how Ruth develops character, the secrets of world building and what makes a successful book in this huge genre. Ruth outlines how important community is and how organisations like the Romantic Novelists’ Association can be of huge help in assisting authors build their career.

Come and listen to us chat about fantasy and romance, about worldbuilding and all the things my characters get up to when I’m not looking. It makes sense*. I promise.


*it may not actually make sense.

Skiffy & Fanty & Me!

Here’s another of those cool things I’ve been meaning to tell you. So excited about this one as I’m a big fan of the Skiffy and Fanty Show and recently I recorded a podcast with them, all about The Treachery of Beautiful Things, and folklore, and storytelling, and… all sorts of things. It was great.

(I’m late telling you guys because of holidays. My holidays were rather wonderful and I didn’t do a lot of things. I have a multitude of photos which I have to put together in some sort of manageable format and link).

So here it is

hee – they called me the fairy queen! Don’t tell Titania.

No seriously, please don’t tell her.