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Cover LOVE–first look

Just a quick but vital interruption in our scheduled blogging to reveal an almost exclusive thing of wonder.

*dances around, throws confetti, dances some more*


Because I can at last share the beautiful cover for The Treachery of Beautiful Things.* And it’s not just beautiful.

It’s SO EXCITING. *throws more confetti*

Isn't it AWESOME???

It’s so perfect I can’t believe it. It’s Jenny as the May Queen and I can’t stop adoring it.

To differentiate between my adult and YA writing, we decided to publish The Treachery of Beautiful Things under the name Ruth Frances Long. It’s available for Pre-order from Book Depository and Amazon.

Thanks to my wonderful editor and the fantabulous art department at Dial.


*pets cover*

*hugs cover*

Normal service will be returned when I calm down a bit! (It might take a while)



*Ok, so people on my mailing list saw it oooh five minutes ago.