Book launch madness

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who helped to celebrate the launch of A Darkness at the End the other night, both on the group and in a virtual space as well. It was a fantastic night and I … Continue reading

#YAieDay and Octocon

So, #YAieDay is on Twitter tomorrow, a day when we celebrate all things YA in Ireland, and I’m going to be on from 1.10-1.50 swearing… sorry “talking” about swearing with Kim Hood and Sally Nicholls. Follow the #YAieDay hashtag on … Continue reading

Book trailer for A Crack in Everything and A Hollow in the Hills

A Hollow in the Hills releases officially on Monday (although it has clearly escaped #inthewild and is #galavanting all over Dublin and beyond) and we never had a book trailer for A Crack in Everything last year. So… Ta-DAH! … Continue reading