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Titancon Belfast 8th-10th September 2017

TitanCon 2017 logo

(aka Ruth forgot to post his until it was all happening very soon…)

After all the fun we had last year, I’m heading back to Titancon in Belfast this weekend.

There’s Literature night, with readings from all the amazing authors participating, and panels all day on Saturday, including the YA panel. And the Great Author Booksigning.

Thrills galore.

If you’re around say hello.

Book launch madness

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who helped to celebrate the launch of A Darkness at the End the other night, both on the group and in a virtual space as well. It was a fantastic night and I couldn’t have asked for more.

Particular thanks to Sarah Rees Brennan who, despite threats, didn’t shame me at all 😉
(Next time, Sarah, next time).

Bob has signed copies in the Gutter Bookshop, and so too do our friends as the National Leprechaun Museum. There will be more popping up in various bookshops as and when I get there (I’m on a mission).

Failing that I’ll be at Titancon at the end of the month, and at Octocon in October. Signing pen will be at the ready. All three books are available from all good bookshops, on and offline, now. Keep a lookout for the very rare, collector’s item that is the wings badge!


Titancon & the Giant’s Causeway

I’m a little late writing this one up for a number of reasons, but they basically boil down to lots to do and no energy to do it with. Plus finishing my WiP, the Space Opera. Well, now that has gone off to my wonderful critters, I can’t put blogging off any more, can I?

Titancon was fantastic fun. So well run and entertaining for all of us. We had a ball. One of the really awesome thing was that Leigh Bardugo (author of SHADOW AND BONE) and Joanna Volpe from New Leaf Literary were there and we got to hang out. I have photos, which are all slightly wobbly as my camera decided to play up.

So first, on Friday night, we had readings in McHughs as part of Culture Night Belfast
Ruth reading from The Treachery of Beautiful ThingsLeigh reading from Shadow and Bone

Titancon was Saturday. We had panels on Romance in SFF, on becoming a professional author, on working in the Internet age. We met people from the TV show, A Game of Thrones. We had lots of fun and a lovely lunch.

Ruth and LeighPeadar Ó Guilín, Ruth and Leigh

Some of the encounters were pretty action packed. (that’s why its blurry, honest!)
Water dancing with Syrio Forel (Miltos Yerolemou)

Many thanks to Miltos and Johannah!

A great day was had by all. And here is a wobbly picture of Joanna, Leigh and myself with the Game of Thrones banners.
Joanna, Leigh, Ruth

We stayed for the Masquerade, which was fab and then the next day we decided to go to the Giant’s Causeway, little knowing we would be stalked by the Game of Thrones bus tour!

The Causeway was fantastic. I’ve never been before and always wanted to. Here’s a slideshow of some of my photos (my camera suspiciously decided to cooperate once the con was over!)


Titancon this weekend

This afternoon I’m heading up to Belfast for the kick off of Titancon.

Really looking forward to this one.

Tonight, as part of Culture Night Belfast, a group of the visiting authors will be reading in McHugh’s Bar, including Ian MacDonald, Peadar Ó Guilín, Leigh Bardugo and myself amongst others.

Tomorrow is a full day of panels and events, lots of Game of Thrones. My schedule (from the Titancon website) looks like this:

11.30 am – Is there still room for romance? Panel: Ruth Frances Long (mod), Peadar Ó Guilín and Leigh Bardugo
In this age of dark and gritty fantasy is there still room for romance? If so, what does it take to write a convincing and uncontrived love story or subplot?

2.00 pm – Foreshadowing in the Internet age Panel: Ian McDonald (mod), Peadar Ó Guilín, Ruth Frances Long and Ken Magee

Twenty years ago SF/F writers could include subtle hints and clues about the future direction of the story knowing that maybe one reader in a hundred would guess what would happen next. Now with the Internet that one reader can share their ideas with everyone else and suddenly an authors’ brilliant twist becomes an obvious thing that everyone knew ages ago. Is it more of a challenge to foreshadow stories in the Internet age? How can you successfully keep the twists and turns hidden and surprising whilst avoiding being overly subtle and obscure or turning to dues-ex-machina?

3.00 pm – How to become a published author Panel: Joanna Volpe (mod), Ian McDonald, Ruth Frances Long, Leigh Bardugo, Ken Magee and Colin Tate (Clarion Publishing)

Our guests including authors, a literary agent and a publisher discuss what it takes to go from amateur to professional writer, the pitfalls to avoid and tips on how to succeed.

4.00 pm – The eBooks Debate Panel: Peadar Ó Guilín (mod), Ruth Frances Long, Leigh Bardugo, Joanna Volpe and Ken Magee

With eBook sales now overtaking physical books the publishing industry is undergoing a radical transformation. What does this mean for publishers and have they taken the right steps to transition into this new medium? Are prices fair and acceptable for consumers whilst still offering enough growth for publishers to enable them to keep doing the vital jobs of editing, proofing and promotion? Or is self publication the way forward cutting out the middleman? eBooks is a topic sure to spark a strong debate that will pull no punches.

5.00 pm – Author guests signing session – Authors: Ian McDonald, Peadar Ó Guilín, Ruth Frances Long, Leigh Bardugo and Ken Magee

Our author guests will be signing copies of their books. Many of them will have a small stack of books with them that are available for purchase.

Yes, I am bringing a small stack of books. Most of them are The Treachery of Beautiful Things but some of my R. F. Long ones are coming too. As Treachery as never been to a convention before and might panic.

So if you’re in the Belfast area, come and say hello!