A Darkness at the End

ADarknessAtTheEndCoverPublished 12/09/2016
Publisher O’Brien Press Ltd
ISBN 9781847178633

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Heaven’s war has come to earth …

Broken and confused, sixteen-year-old Izzy’s world is falling apart. Though people remind her of her responsibilities as a Grigori, keeping the balance between humans and fae, angels and demons, there are such gaps in her memory … all she knows for sure is that Jinx, the fae warrior she loved is dead.
But now the crows are gathering on black wings and Izzy knows that a darkness is coming … she and her friends must stand against it, even though heaven, hell, the armies of the Sídhe and mankind
stand against them.

How far will Izzy go to turn back the tide?

The thrilling climax to the award-winning series