A Crack in Everything

A Crack in EverythingPublished 01/09/2014
Publisher O’Brien Press Ltd
ISBN 9781847176356

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She was a mistake. A crack in the order of the world …

When Izzy Gregory takes a wrong turn down a Dublin alley she stumbles into a shadowy, frightening world where magical beings, angels and demons hold sway. In this place where everything is strange, Izzy finds herself surrounded by danger, chased and threatened. Her only chance of survival lies with Jinx, who’s been sent to capture her. Jinx has known nothing but duty and cruelty from his own kind; Izzy is something altogether new to him – and to his world …

Falling in love was never in the plan, but it might be the one thing that can save them.

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Editorial Reviews

an excellent fantasy, with strange but memorable characters set in believable settings. The storyline all through is tense and exciting with a somewhat surprise ending- The Irish Examiner

the author marries together life as we know it – with life as we know it through legend and myth. By incorporating old Irish folklore, even the ‘other’ Worlds seem logical, or familiar, as if we’ve heard of them before … this book turns the tables a little on the classic YA, fantasy-romance formula as Izzy is a strong female character, and certainly doesn’t need Jinx to fix her, if anything, it’s the other way around. If you have read and enjoyed Fallen by Lauren Kate, Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor or The Alchemyst by Michael Scott then this book should be added to your shelves immediately!- Leabhar Love

a dark adventure equally rooted in modern and mythological Ireland, this is not to be missed – CBI Recommended Reads Guide 2014

a smart, modern and entertaining read which will appeal to fantasy fans young and old – Lisa Reads Books

A fabulous fantasy adventure (with a dash of romance) where the writing literally bombards your senses. – Lovereading4kids

Reminiscent of Kate Thompson’s The New Policeman … Long authentically captures the attraction and power of our fair city … a thrilling story of identity, family, honour and love. A brilliant and captivating story about Dublin, both old and new – The Looking Glass

a paranormal romance … a gripping fantasy adventure … plenty of twists and turns, and A Crack in Everything is certainly a compelling and exciting read. I am looking forward to the sequel – thebooktheartandme

A CRACK IN EVERYTHING has both got broad scope–the depths of Dubh Linn, the Sidhe’s side of Dublin–are enough to drown in–and intimate appeal: the protagonists, both human and not, are in fact in over their heads and well on the way to drowning… thoroughly engrossing, to the point where I, um, may or may not have allowed my four year old to watch rather more television than he should have, so I could finish reading the last five or six chapters, because I *really* didn’t want to put the book down at that stage. –

C. E. Murphy (author of The Walker Papers)