Cover Reveal 2: A Crack in Everything

You know that saying about buses – you wait ages at the bus stop and then two turn up at once. Apparently it’s the same with covers! I promised you that you wouldn’t have to wait too long for the next YA one, didn’t I?

I saw the draft for this a while ago and squeed so much I seriously think I made noises only bats could hear. The Ninja Puppy whined! The Patchwork Cat stalked off in a huff.

And now all the tweaks are done and I can share the cover for A Crack in Everything which comes out from O’Brien Press at the beginning of September. Only 86 days away!

Let that sink in while I make that noise again, possibly at an even higher pitch and feast your eyes on THIS!

A Crack in Everything

She was a mistake. A crack in the order of the world …

When Izzy Gregory takes a wrong turn down a Dublin alley she stumbles into a shadowy, frightening world where magical beings, angels and demons hold sway. In this place where everything is strange, Izzy finds herself surrounded by danger, chased and threatened. Her only chance of survival lies with Jinx, who’s been sent to capture her. Jinx has known nothing but duty and cruelty from his own kind; Izzy is something altogether new to him – and to his world …

Falling in love was never in the plan, but it might be the one thing that can save them.


And it’s available for pre-Order. Just saying…

What do you think? Essitid?