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In the editing cave

I’ve been very quiet of late which is usually ominous. But in this case it’s been a mixture of being not terribly well, and having some edits on the Space Opera.* Which might not actually be a Space Opera anymore (Planetary romance? Science Fantasy? Scientific Romance?).

So here is the podcast of an interview I did with the awesome Leeds Book Club (@AvidReader)

in which we talk about a lot of things. A LOT OF THINGS! LOTS!

Enjoy. 45 minutes or so of it. Just to warn you in advance. Also we had some sound problems. And my voice sounds weird!!!

I also read a wonderful review of The Treachery of Beautiful Things from Writer of Wrongs.

“Exquisite, enchanting, magical… this folktale world is truly worth submerging in.”

Enter to win it and others on the site, but do it quickly. 😀

Back into the writer cave/sick bed I go.


*Oh, and I might be overdosing on box sets of The West Wing. Not that overdosing on it is possible, of course.