In the editing cave

I’ve been very quiet of late which is usually ominous. But in this case it’s been a mixture of being not terribly well, and having some edits on the Space Opera.* Which might not actually be a Space Opera anymore (Planetary romance? Science Fantasy? Scientific Romance?).

So here is the podcast of an interview I did with the awesome Leeds Book Club (@AvidReader)

in which we talk about a lot of things. A LOT OF THINGS! LOTS!

Enjoy. 45 minutes or so of it. Just to warn you in advance. Also we had some sound problems. And my voice sounds weird!!!

I also read a wonderful review of The Treachery of Beautiful Things from Writer of Wrongs.

“Exquisite, enchanting, magical… this folktale world is truly worth submerging in.”

Enter to win it and others on the site, but do it quickly. 😀

Back into the writer cave/sick bed I go.


*Oh, and I might be overdosing on box sets of The West Wing. Not that overdosing on it is possible, of course.

4 thoughts on “In the editing cave

    1. Hi Brooke,
      as yet I don’t know. I have a number of ideas and I don’t think the characters are quite finished with me. I’d love to write one.

  1. Dear Ruth,
    I just finished reading The Treachery of Beautiful Things and it was the best book ever. And I work overnights so I read a book every two nights. Your book was even better than Casandra Claires Mortal Insturments and the Clockwork series which have been my favorites for a long time. Sometimes I get so tired of unresolved endings.I loved the characters espeacially your version of puck. Many authors have written about the faerie courts aand I liked the way you made it new and intresting.The romance was so sweet I found myself smileing as I read.I stopped reading adult books because I got tired of adult problems and I needed an escape. But your book was so good that I plan to read the others as soon as I can get to the library.And yes I love books not e-readers. I love CDs too.Theres something magical about holding a book that you have been waiting for, gazing at the jacket, and the smell of the promise of a journey in the newly printed pages.Yes I truley love books and would choose the library over the mall any day. Anyway thanks for writeing a beautiful and memorable story. I am going to have my daughters read this book as well.
    Take care
    PS: If you have time you might like to read Stuart Hills The Cry of The Icemark series.These books are so good I had to own them plus the original jackets are beautiful.(not the photographs but the paintings)
    PSS: Whoever said “never choose a book by its cover” is a total liar. I always choose books with the most beautiful covers and am rarely disapointed.

    1. Thanks so much for your many kind words, Kathy. I’m so glad you enjoyed The Treachery of Beautiful Things.

      I’m a fan of all things book-related, from the oldest to the newest. And libraries rock! 😀


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