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Libraryland goes to Rome

Or what I did in the first week of January 2011.

Below is a slideshow of pictures from the trip to Rome for the library conference, although not many of the conference itself. Librarians talking… not too thrilling there. But lots of photos of our various walks and tours, our wanderings around, of Christmas trees, lights, fireworks (we were there for the Epiphany which is a huge holiday there), Churches, crypts, a titulus (3rd century church) underneath the crypt and libraries. Lots of photos of libraries. Including the Vatican library from the outside. Continue reading Libraryland goes to Rome

Better late than never – RNA Conference 2010 post

Better late than never in so many ways. First of all it has taken me all week to get around to posting this. Secondly WHY have I not been going to this coference for years???

I am, as with most writers, not the most extroverted of individuals. Never really had been, although I can do a good impression when I need to. I was determined to make it to my first RNA conference this year and I am so glad that I did. Had a bit of a stressy trip out to the airport between a late bus and heavy traffic, and a bit of a stressy time at the drop-off-your-bags points when I found a large group of Japanese tourists had arrived just before me and proceeded to re-pack their luggage in the queue! But Air France/City Jet were wonderful and the flight itself was a dream. When the air hostess asked if I wanted a drink I had a budget airline flashback and just asked for water, only to realise too late they were giving out wine as well. And sandwiches. And boiled sweets for take off (a trip back to childhood). And chocolates just before landing.

I should warn you, food will probably be a theme of this post.

The DLR was also wonderful and in no time at all I arrived at our accomodation in Greenwich. Yes, it was like being a student again. There was a party going on as I arrived and my lovely flatmates were drinking wine out of plastic cups. That didn’t stop the hugs and warm greetings.

Another theme of this post will be the friendliness and fun-filled nature of everyone I met at the conference. I couldn’t have asked for a better gang to hang around with than the ladies of flat 20, but everywhere we went people chatted, exchanged ideas, joked and generally had a wonderful time.

Continue reading Better late than never – RNA Conference 2010 post

Wicklow Gaol Night Tour

On Friday night we went on a night tour of Wicklow Gaol – highly recommended, really entertaining and very moving.

Oh, and creepy.

It’s known as one of the most haunted places in Ireland. Actors in period costume greet you, introduce you to the gaol and its history and, oh yes, follow you around scaring the bejaysus out of you!

At one point, my best friend E and I were standing in a cell (a tiny tiny dark cell) reading something on the wall, when a convict crept up behind us silently, leaned in between us and said, in a whisper “do you have any money?”

Screams, jumps, minor cardiac incidents, general hillarity for everyone else. 😀

Overall its a fantastic experience. Especially at night. The actors are amazing, the gaol is really well organised, fascinating and very very moving.

I stood in one room and it felt like my breath had been stolen from me, in another and I just wanted to cry, on the deck of a model of a transport ship where the slope of the deck and the sound of the quays made me feel like I was standing on a ship at sea.

And one room… oh man… it was weird. Like you walked in and the pressure completely changed, closing in around you.

Did I see anything? No. But there are lots of orbs in my photos. Whatever those orbs might be. You can make up your own minds 🙂

Btw, the people in 18th/19th century prison clothes… yes, they would be the actors. Honest. 😉

Awesome research material. Awesome night out.

Afterwards we went to dinner at Donelli’s. Beautiful food, wonderful service, fantasic meal.

Back from Madrid with a ton of inspiration

Hi all

got back from Madrid over the weekend with lots of inspiration for future stories. That’s always the way when I travel, even for work. I was there for a weeklong conference but that didn’t preclude some sight seeing, as the pictures below will attest.

A beautiful city (although I would have prefered to visit at a cooler time of the year!!!), lively, friendly and filled with stories, many still to be told I suspect.

What are your favourite places? What cities inspire you and why?
(Soul Fire releases tomorrow so be sure to check back in the afternoon for discussion, excerpts and a competition to win not just a copy of the book but a stunning acorn pendant as well!)
AND there’s an interview with me up at Paranormal Romantics today.  Go have a look, see how “Soul Fire” came about and leave a comment to make me look popular! Pleeeeeeease!!!