Libraryland goes to Rome

Or what I did in the first week of January 2011.

Below is a slideshow of pictures from the trip to Rome for the library conference, although not many of the conference itself. Librarians talking… not too thrilling there. But lots of photos of our various walks and tours, our wanderings around, of Christmas trees, lights, fireworks (we were there for the Epiphany which is a huge holiday there), Churches, crypts, a titulus (3rd century church) underneath the crypt and libraries. Lots of photos of libraries. Including the Vatican library from the outside.

No photos inside, but it was spectacular. Beautifully proportioned room with a fabulous painted ceiling. A copy of the original library which had not only a painted ceiling but painted walls, cupboards and everything. We almost behaved ourselves perfectly. Hardly anyone wandered off got lost and everyone was found again. Going on a tour of anywhere with a group can be challenging but going on tours of libraries with librarians… the phrase herding cats immediately springs to mind.

So here we go, a whirlwind tour of Rome, libraryland style. Enjoy!