What I did on my Summer Holidays (Worldcon and Eurocon post)

So here I am running late again. Still recovering from our trip to London for the Worldcon event (Loncon3) and then back to Dublin for Eurocon (Shamrokon).

A brilliant time was had by all.

In Loncon we particularly liked the Fan Village, with its village green for playing, vegging and socialising. We did a lot of socialising. There were two tardis (tarises? tardisi?) which may have caused a rupture in the space time continuum but we were in the right sort of company to deal with that. The games tent was another big hit, especially with the small people who had to be removed with a crowbar (almost literally). I was on a few panels which was enormous fun. My fave was probably the one on “What does Ireland have to offer?” but mainly for the random course Liz Bourke, Susan Connolly, K. A. Laity and myself took it on. And Susan’s storytelling.

Then we came back to Dublin for Shamrokon which was also a brilliant brilliant convention. A little more sociable perhaps as it was a lot smaller. Still massive for an Irish convention. We had a preview launch for my new book A Crack in Everything (out on Monday 1st), and I got to hang out with Laura Anne Gilman, C. E. Murphy, Susan Connolly, Kate Sheehy, Mikaela Lind and many more. And puppets. It’s a long story.

But I don’t think I advise taking a puppet on a late night bus. Or giving one to Laura Anne in a crowded area. 😉

I miss everyone. Although I’m seriously exhausted and over stimulated. But it was so much fun.


Book launch proper this day next week – 4th September, 6.30pm in the Gutter bookshop, Cow’s Lane. Please come! All welcome.

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