Out now: The Wolf’s Destiny

Or… Ok, so you didn’t have to wait as long as my paranoia anticipated!

The Wolf’s Destiny: a tale of the Holtlands Book 3 is now available on Smashwords.

Over the next while it will be available in other places too, but if you want it now (and if you’ve read The Wolf’s Sister and The Wolf’s Mate you want to know how it all turns out don’t you?) it’s available right now on Smashwords.

Self publishing the book was both stressful and really enjoyable as it turned out. Kind of appealed to the perfectionist in me, especially when it came to the formatting.

So please have a look, let people know it’s out there and help spread the word.

In truth this is a way to make the conclusion to Jeren & Shan’s story available to everyone who enjoyed the first two and wanted to find out the rest. So there you go. 🙂

Two lives, one love, one destiny.

In the wild north of Sheninglas, Jeren and Shan have finally made a home together. But the Holtlands are not finished with them yet. When an assassination attempt claims innocent lives, Jeren can stand it no longer. She must make a stand against the tyranny of her brother Gilliad before it is too late. Shan meanwhile struggles against the seed of darkness planted in him by the Fell’na sorceress and the growing knowledge that no matter what he does, he is losing his beloved wife. All their efforts to stay together just seem to tear them further apart, underlining the differences between them. When Jeren declares her intention to go to war, Shan makes one terrible mistake which changes everything.

Their destiny is written. How can it be changed again?