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A short post about drafts and editing


In pictures (some moving) because I really should be editing.


I’ve just finished the first draft of the next book.

There was lots of this


And now I have a first draft full of all the words. Some of it makes sense. Some of it…

nooooooooot so much.


Hold my purse

It’s time to edit. I have printed it out, I have a notebook to make notes and a pen to decorate the margins in doodles err I mean edit.



I will read through the whole thing and try to make it better. Basically in this scenario there are two me’s. Beckett me and Castle me. (Editor brain and Snowflake brain)

dont ruin my story with your logic

But in the end it isn’t ruined. It’s made better. I hope.

And that is my editing process.


Actually there is a lot more to it than that but this is the basic premise and I should be editing, not doing blog posts about editing.

But blog posts with little moving pictures are sooooooooooo much more fun.

(Oh and I totally stole these gifs and images from all over the internet).

A break in the silence

Yes, I’ve been very quiet. Putting the finishing touches to the edits for MAY QUEEN and generally getting ready for Christmas. I’ll be away in early January, off on a libraryland trip to Rome so hope to have lots of pictures for you all then. May even get into the Vatican Secret Library if I’m lucky. Fingers crossed.

Of course it all depends on the weather which has been less than cooperative so far this month! Lots of snow, lots and lots of snow…

The last one is paricularly interesting for me becuase it shows a view used in GRAFFITI ANGEL, looking from Cherrywood up towards Killiney Hill. The Obelisk is just visible on top of the hill on the right hand side.

So I will be scarce for the next while, but will pop up from time to time. Have wonderful holidays everyone and for those who celebrate it a very happy Christmas.

Edits Smedits

PhotobucketBecause I’m in the midst of edits…

And I want to share the grief…

Well, no, not really. I’m one of those strange creatures that actually enjoys edits. And I am enjoying these ones. It’s just that we’re going on holidays on Saturday morning. HOLIDAYS! And so I want the edits done.

As I am not editing right now I thought I’d write about edits – because my mind is slightly twisted by all the variety of spellings my writing brain came up with in the course of writing the first draft of this book, and my editor brain can’t really take it anymore.

Yes  – two brains. Writer brain and editor brain. They share the same head.

It’s noisy in there. Continue reading Edits Smedits