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Calling all writers

It’s the fantastic annual Romance Divas Not Going to the Conference Conference

Not Going to Conference?
Attend Romance Divas’ Annual Not Going to Conference Conference June 28-July 1

Romance Divas’ annual virtual conference features workshops, publisher spotlights, pitch-your-book opportunities, fabulous doorprize giveaways and more.

It’s FREE!

And nobody says you can’t wear fabulous shoes while you’re recharging your writer batteries from home.

LIKE the NGTCC on Facebook for future updates in 2012 and beyond.

I’ll be there.

Salome out today

First was Myla by Moonlight, and now…

SALOME AT SUNRISE by Inez Kelly releases today from Carina Press!

It’s not nice to piss off Mother Nature…

Bryton Haruk sets out on a suicide mission to stop the bloodthirsty Skullmen from terrorizing the war-weary Land of Eldwyn. Consumed by guilt over the death of his wife, Bryton seeks revenge and reunion in the afterlife with his lost love. His purpose is determined, his bravery unmatched, until the queen casts a spell to save Bryton from himself.

Salome is that spell. A bird-shifter, she can harness the earth’s breeze and take the form of a beautiful, innocent woman. Her challenge is to harness Bryton’s pain and guide him to peace. She entrances and irritates him, tempting Bryton from his mission. Even as he gives in to the passion between them, Bryton insists on mounting a solo attack on the brigands’ compound, and Salome fears her love won’t be enough to save him…

Celebrate Summer Solstice.

Salome at Sunrise from Inez Kelley and Carina Press.

Seize the day.

Buy it now.

Myla unleashed

Myla by Moonlight is now available from Samhain Publishing

Magic bites… and its name is Myla.

Created at Prince Taric’s birth, Myla is a spell, an enchantment designed to appear and protect him when he needs it most. She has always been content to do her duty…until one night of forbidden passion leaves her longing to experience life—and love—as a mortal woman. Yet the risk is too great. Even if her blood runs as red as his, she can never give him the one thing he needs: a child.

Taric’s blessing—and his curse—is knowing the kingdom’s future depends on his producing an heir to continue the bloodline. His bond with Myla has always been that of protector and protected. When it suddenly becomes something much more, he unwittingly sentences his people to certain death.

An old enemy is plotting to destroy all he holds dear: his lands, his people, his father, and his lover. And this time, even if they fight tooth and blade, their shared magic may not be enough to save them…

Click here or here to read an excerpt.
Click here or on the cover to purchase.

In the spotlight

over at Romance Divas there is a monthly “Spotlight on” section, and this month, the spotlight is on yours truly.

I answered these questions on holidays so they may be a bit… you know… distracted. The holidays itself was wonderful. I’m sure I’ll have a rake of pictures up soon to bore you for everyone to look at.

And in writing news, I got the Fine Line Edits back for The Wolf’s Mate this morning. Almost there!

Writing writing writing

I’ve been a busy poster of late. I’ve also been editing a novella, participating in Romance Divas Not Going to the Conference Conference and generally faffing about on the internet.

Found this. It’s been posted elsewhere. I saw it yesterday (er… I think) and its wonderful. (Anyone with sensitive ears beware. She swears a little bit. No really, she does!)

Another thing I’ve been obsessing about is the “live” radiocast of the Apollo 11 moonlanding mission.

And the most recent mission. Actually I spend a fair amount of time on the Nasa site. No really. I do. I blame the obsessions of my other half. And as if I needed to prove to the world how nerdy I really am deep down inside, yesterday I tweeted about Copernicium. Couldn’t help it. It wasn’t the periodic table per se, because frankly that’s just so much gobbledegook to me, but I like Copernicus. And its kind of cool.

Finally, as mentioned above, Romance Divas are holding the Not Going to the Conference Conference. There’s tons going on and I’m late mentioning it, but there is still time. (And all the posts are still there to read). Click on the banner. You can join today (its free and a goldmine of information).

(Linnea Sinclair’s presentation is particularly AMAZING! And there are more to come! SQUEE!)

So that’s it. Lots to do while I try to finish this rewrite. And most of it (apart from Copernicium) writing related. Kinda.

Paranormal YA workshop at Divas

Given what I’m working on, this is timely indeed. Great line up. Come along and play!

Writing Paranormal Young Adult Fiction with Some of The Hottest Authors in the Genre

May 28th-30th at Romance Divas


Rachel Caine

Cassandra Clare

Lucienne Diver

Christopher Golden

Jeff Mariotte

Alyson Noel

Rosemary Clement-Moore

This workshop will take place at the Romance Diva Forum. All are welcome. To get access to the forum you will need to register.

Team Inkwell

Here we are a couple of days into May and we’re having great and productive fun at Romance Divas with MayNoWriMo. I’m working on finishing Moy Tura Echoes and I’m a hair’s breadth from the end. Unfortunately the end keeps moving. I was aiming for 90k, but I’m now at 91k and still going. Especially as the characters have just changed the end. Or at least part of it. They tend to do that.

Particularly these characters.

So hopefully tomorrow. Hopefully. I really want it finished now. Pretty please?

I’m on a great team though, with loads of hard work being done. Yes, we’re largely making things up as we go along (what’s new, huh?) and that’s part of why I’m enjoying it I think.

Here an excerpt detailing where it all went haywire this evening…

She didn’t even cry out when his sword went right through her.

Hell in a handbag!