Kicking off World Book Week

I had an action packed day yesterday, reading in my local Dubray Bookshop in Bray in the morning and in the Rathmines branch in the afternoon. Groups from the local schools came along and were of course brilliant and lovely. As were all the staff. I think we had a ball. I did, anyway! I read from A Crack in Everything. We talked about writing, books, movies, and even my horror of Wuthering Heights being billed as a romance.

Below are some pictures to give you an idea of the day.

(many thanks to Avril Cannon for the Bray Reading Photo and to Martin Shannon for the Rathmines one)


Dubray, Bray

Dubray Bray - Reading

Reading in Dubray, Bray

Dubray Rathmines

Reading in Dubray, Rathmines


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