The Treachery of Beautiful Things

So a few bits of exciting news in the last little while.

1) May Queen has a new title – The Treachery of Beautiful Things – which I absolutely love. So evocative.

2) It also has a release date (16th August 2012). Yes it’s 400 days away, but you know what? It’s a date. I’m going to have a -1 year birthday party for it while on holidays! 😀

3) It has an ISBN 9780803735804 This means SO MUCH to a librarian.

4) It’s available for pre-order.

5) And it almost has a cover! It’s SO gorgeous. Beautiful! But I can’t share it just yet as it isn’t final. But as soon as I can, I will.

So news! At last!

3 thoughts on “The Treachery of Beautiful Things

  1. This is all really exciting! And I agree, that title is evocative and beautiful. I can only imagine the cover is going to be just as epic. I’m really thrilled for you! 🙂

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