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4 Nymphs for The Wolf’s Sister.

Another great review for The Wolf’s Sister, this time from Literary Nymphs.

“This author is new to me, and I’m pleased with the tightly constructed plot, smooth flow and nice job of describing the two races that are the focus of this story. Add in animal totems, vastly differing belief systems, death, anger, madness, betrayal and unexpected love and you have all the components needed for an entertaining afternoon read. I look forward to seeing where this series goes.”

And it got 4 Nymphs!!! Not sure where they are or what they are up to, but it certainly sounds good to me! 🙂

5 Angels review & recommended read for The Wolf’s Sister

Fallen Angel Reviews just gave The Wolf’s Sister a 5 angels review and marked it as a recommended read! Woot!

“The fascination that I first felt when I had the chance to read the blurb for this book was well justified. Riveted from the first page to the last I was looking for more and became frustrated when the story ended. This book was very exciting, the way the plot played out was thoroughly engrossing, and the characters displayed very real emotions…I love to read books that make me feel the emotions that the players experience, be it fear, pain, anger, happiness, sorrow and frustration. The battles that these two go through make you ask yourself what next and when will it end, but the ending is very rewarding. Overall, I could read this book repeatedly and find something new in it. Thanks to R. F. Long for a very wonderful read.”

4.5 Stars Review for The Wolf’s Sister

Google alerts took its time, but I got a mail this morning with a link to a review of The Wolf’s Sister.

“I haven’t read such a beautifully written tale in a very long time!…Author R.F. Long’s technique, descriptions, dialogue, and plot flow are superb. The seed of love grows with the characters and that element is what allows this story to shine because the external conflicts held that much more impact on the tale’s outcome. I’m impressed and I will definitely be reading more from this author!”

Thank you so much Natalie.

Reviews and views…

I had a lovely comment waiting for me this morning (it’s under my first ever post here):

A review for The Wolf’s Sister is now online at PNR Reviews:


Take care,
Dee Gentle
PNR Reviews & Features Editor

and its a nice review too… “a wonderful start to the series”

Also up to day is the almost infamous “ghost post” at Texty Ladies. I mentioned in my interview with Jane about various ghost sightings and she asked for more information. She opened the call last week to Texty Ladies readers and the result is up today. It makes for some interesting and spooky reading!

A few more edits for The Scroll Thief are underway, and I’ve seen the design for the cover. It’s gorgeous… no.. it’s GORGEOUS! 🙂

The Wolf’s Sister – article, interview and 1st review!

It’s never ending.

The Wolfs Sister: a Tale of the Holtlands

I did some interviews and promo a while ago so with only a week left, its all arriving at once. Don’t worry. I’ll pipe down again soon.*

Raine Delight posted an article I wrote on Fantasy cunningly entitled “Why Fantasy?” and another interview which also includes a different except of “The Wolf’s Sister”. Warning for those at work – there are some scantily clad ladies in the site header. Actually, that might be an enticement for some of you.

I also got a stonking review from the wonderful Ciar Cullen – I’m so thrilled about this one.

Long is a master at characterization. Deep characterization, in a short book. Madness, longing, love, desperation, motivation, hurt, betrayal–it’s all there for each primary character. Even Anala, my favorite character (a wolf). Sniff. Because the characters are so real, the relationships are believable. Somehow Long creates connections between her characters seemingly out of thin air. And then you connect–Shan is so loveable in a manly way that it’s heartbreaking when he gets into mortal danger.

I love her description–just enough to give you the sense of the cold fantasy world without boring you. I also loved the tone of this book–serious, a bit morose, deep, desperate. In contrast, the romance is uplifting and brings light to the story.

So I got a 4.5 out of 5 and I’m delighted. 🙂

*then again, maybe not…