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Out today: The Wolf’s Mate & a competition

I love release days. They’re also terrifying. They also sneak up on you far too stealthily and, in the manner of Keyser Soze… like that, they’re gone.

I’d never written a sequel before. I’d written some very long stories, but not a sequel to one I’d finished, believing it stood on its own. So when Jeren and Shan told me that they weren’t finished yet it came as something of a surprise.

I had no idea where it was going to go, or the things they were going to face. It got a lot darker than I expected.But Jeren and Shan grew as characters in ways I hadn’t imagined. Now, as I write The Wolf’s Destiny (part 3) I have two strong, determined people who are more than a match for the terrible things I throw at them.

In the course of writing The Wolf’s Mate there was a certain song which I listened to (almost all the time) and which sums up the major themes of the story. It also expresses some of the fear and pain that Jeren endures.

And its very very beautiful.

The Wolf’s Mate: a Tale of the Holtlands

ISBN:   1-60504-702-3; 978-1-60504-702-7

“It’s well written, fast paced and filled with interesting and unique characters….The best part of the story is Jeren herself. I liked her in The Wolf’s Sister but in this release, she really grows and shines, as she turns into a confident and determined woman, willing to fight for her man. I’m very curious to see what happens to these two mates with the next and last release.” – 4 Nymphs, Mystical Nymph, Literary Nymphs Reviews Only

Their love is a forbidden gift. Keeping it means a fight to the death…

A Tale of the Holtlands, Book 2

After escaping from her Holtlands home and her brother’s madness, Jeren looks forward to a new life with her beloved Shan and his people. She doesn’t expect the Fey’na to readily accept someone of her bloodline, but she’s determined to prove herself worthy. Then the jealous eyes of the beautiful sect mother, Ylandra, fall on Shan—handsome, strong, matchless among warriors—turning Jeren’s fragile new world upside down.

Shan wants nothing more than to be with Jeren, the courageous beauty who’s captured his heart. But their ancient enemy has attacked, and Ylandra cleverly uses an archaic oath to bind him to her service—fulltime. As he sets out on a suicide mission into the heart of enemy territory, he promises Jeren he’ll return—somehow—to claim her as his mate.

Jeren is left alone to make a place for herself among the elite Fey’na warriors, until a Holtlands envoy arrives bearing her ancestors’ sword. This magical artifact calls to the innate magic in her blood and forces her to make a terrible choice. She could lead the battle to free her people…but only if she forsakes Shan.

Warning: contains scary monsters, desperate acts, burning jealousy and the consummation of a timeless love.

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So: as is traditional it’s competition time.

I’m going to give away a copy of The Wolf’s Mate so someone who comments below, telling me what songs you think tell the best stories and I’ll pick someone using Random.org by Wednesday evening.

Comment away.

Soul Fire releases today



I’m delighted to announce the release of my paranormal romance Soul Fire today from Samhain.

Iron born and iron bred.

Trust not iron, it will see you dead.

Rowan Blake could really use a magic wand to keep her struggling art gallery afloat. But the faerie key she stumbles across is far from a lucky charm. It’s a magnet for danger, and by touching it she’s unwittingly put herself in the middle of a war between the forces of light and dark. And in the arms of its rightful owner, Prince Daire.

While searching for his brother, Daire finds himself trapped in the Iron World with a mere mortal woman who ignites his passion like no other. Each stolen kiss deepens their attraction and sends him spiraling closer and closer to the edge of his inherent dark desires. Desires that act as a homing beacon for the Dark Sidhe, who are intent on forcing him to fight on their side.

The longer he lingers in her arms—and in her bed—the closer his enemies get to her door. And the greater the risk that the gateway to the Faerie Realm will shift, destroying not only his power to protect her, but his very life.

Warning: Contains enchantments, danger, some very scary monsters, a trip to the dark side and hot, soul-transforming sex with an immortal prince.

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Genre: ,

ISBN: 978-1-60504-619-8
Length: Novel
Price: 5.50
Cover art by Anne Cain

Soul Fire started off life as To Regain Heaven. It was one of those stories that just flowed. It knew where it was going and I was largely along for the ride. I did have great help from all my friends on Livejournal, where the question “if lots of evil supernatural/fairy creatures were attacking your house, what would you do?” prompted some spirited debate with the merits of milk, iron filings, horseshoes and submachine guns all coming into play. Alas not everything made it into the story.

But some of it did.

So, where is all this going? Well, it being release day, I have giveaways.

Daire and his brother Aidan wear enchanted acorn pendants which act as a key, allowing them to travel between our world and theirs. I’m lucky where I live. Like Rowan, my garden backs onto a wood and overhanging our rather battered fence is an ancient oak tree. After finishing Soul Fire, I found a few of these enchanted pendants lying around, their magic largely spent now, but beautiful, nonetheless.

Over the next few days I’m going to be gathering comments here (I hope) and two winners will be selected using Random.org. The prizes are one ebook copy of Soul Fire, and one pendant. I’ll also open it to those who post about Soul Fire and the pendants on their own sites as long as they let me know.

And keep your eyes out elsewhere too. There may be some others lying around too. 🙂