The Treachery of Beautiful Things Paperback day

It’s paperback release day. *throws confetti & lets off fireworks*

Cover for Paperback edition

Pretty cover is still ridiculously pretty! And now has ominous words!

To celebrate I’m giving away a signed copy of the hardback or the paperback (your choice) of The Treachery of Beautiful Things, and a beautiful oak pendent from the Irish Archaeology shop.

In Celtic folklore the oak is the king of the trees. One of the many legends I touched on in The Treachery of Beautiful Things is that of the oak king and the holly king, and their eternal battle for control of the forest. As the seasons turn, one or the other takes control, defeating the other. But the seasons always turn, and the king is always reborn so the battle continues. Until one king finds a way to enslave the other.

The oak is a majestic tree. There’s one just over my backgarden wall.

So in order to win, leave me a comment telling me your favorite tree or tree legend. The more the merrier so tell your friends and spread the word about the giveaway. It’s open worldwide and I’ll close it this time next week (8th August).

Come one come all. Help me celebrate being a paperback writer. *wanders off singing the Beatles*

39 thoughts on “The Treachery of Beautiful Things Paperback day

  1. Congrats! Happy Release Day! 🙂

    I’d love to enter your contest. I also love trees, and often take pics of the trees in the area. I have to admit that I find oak trees fascinating.


  2. I really like pine trees personally- I love their fresh smell and the pinecones on their branches that remind me of fall. They also make me think of my grandma and visiting Lake Tahoe, where there is an abundance of beautiful pine trees.

  3. I adore willow trees. I love how they look when the wind blows through them and the way that they give me an urge to just go and sit underneath the leaves. I also think they are especially beautiful when they are overlooking water.

  4. Cherry blossom trees. When they bloom, it’s a spectacular sight. On that note, jacarandas are beautiful, as well.

  5. Although I have never, in my whole life seen a Maple Tree, I think they are absolutely stunning. They are just the kind of tree, particularly in autumn, that you could sit and stare at for hours. If I could draw, that’s the tree I’d draw. Honestly though, could you imagine sitting under one with a good book and a nice cup of tea?

  6. Very happy release day. I so enjoyed this book. The title is absolutely on the nose, too– really dark and dangerous stuff here. Fantastic read.

  7. Happy Release Week, Ruth! I’m singing Paperback Writer to celebrate with you! 🙂

    My favourite tree is the magnolia. I once spent several months confined to bed in a convalescence home while recovering from an accident. I didn’t know what the mature tree was outside the window of my small room until it blossomed and suddenly, one morning, my world was filled with exquisitely delicate flowers. It’s been my favourite tree ever since.

    1. Oh gosh, yes David. Magnolias are beautiful. There’s one in the garden of my family home. We call it the candle tree. 😀

  8. I absolutely adore that cover, Ruth! I love the willow tree and I have a soft spot for the rowan tree which grows in many Scottish gardens (including mine) with its connotations of defence against witches!

  9. I couldn’t leave out any tree as I love them all! But oaks and laburnums are magnificent. There is a particularly beautiful laburnum tree in my family garden. It stretches up past my childhood bedroom window and when I was younger I would lie on my bed and read and look out at the stunning yellow flowers. The trunk and branches are gnarled in a fashion so it looks like a tree person with a face and an arm outstretched. And then, the garden is sprinkled with falling laburnum flowers. And oaks make me feel part of the earth. When me and my sons go out for walks we stand beneath an oak tree and listen to the sound of the wind in the leaves. We call it the whispering tree, and later, at bedtime, I tell my eldest the tale of the whispering tree.

  10. It’s a toss up between the monkey puzzle because I always wanted to climb one as a child, and the pink cherry blossom trees that look good enough to eat!

  11. Happy release week!
    My favourite tree is the guava tree. I spent my childhood sitting in one, reading. The fruit tastes lovely too.

    I shall look out for the book in the shops. I love the beeeeautiful cover.


  12. Being Australian and because it’s late winter and the countryside comes alive with bursts of gold on the cusp of spring, I would have to say my favourite tree is the Cootamundra wattle, Acacia baileyana. It has grey/green foliage and thick masses of yellow racemes along every branch. Glorious.

  13. I’ve always loved willow trees. They look so beautiful and strong, and seeing just a photo of one makes me feel peaceful and relaxed!

    Congrats on the paperback release, and thank you for writing such a wonderful book – The Treachery of Beautiful Things is one of my absolute favourites!

  14. I love weeping willows. Local park has a bunch along a stream, and as a kid they seemed so beautiful and mysterious.

  15. My favorite tree is the Flame of the Forest, or Delonix regia for botanists. When the beautiful flowers fall on the ground, they make a splendid red carpet. It usually happens towards the end of the summer and walking under them feels amazing.

  16. Oh this is a tough one! My favorite is the Albizia julibrissin or Mimosa tree. The blooms smell absolutely wonderful!!

    kellis_amberlee at yahoo dot com

  17. My favorite tree is olive tree,I don’t know why – but they make me feel even younger,they feel like they have knowledge,and that really comforts me.

  18. So *DRUMROLL*

    The winner is Becky! *Throws confetti* YAY!

    I’ll send an email.

    Thanks so much for commenting everything. Great tree stories. 😀

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