True Love and Trophies at Mancunicon

So tomorrow I will be off to Manchester for Mancunicon, which is also Eastercon and tomorrow evening I will be moderating a panel called True Love and Trophies. I’m very excited about this one.

True Love and Trophies
Friday March 25   07:00 PM to 08:00 PM (1 hour) Hilton Deansgate – Room 6
Romance may be the ultimate crossover genre, found in everything from horror to hard SF, urban fantasy to space opera. But it can be a two-edged sword – nothing makes the audience happier than True Love Winning Against All Odds, but few things can make a reader wince as much as the Shoehorned-In Love Story, The Girl As Reward, or the Completely Inappropriate Time To Declare One’s Feelings. Join our panel for a discussion about what SF and fantasy can learn from the romance genre, how speculative narratives are changed by the female gaze, and how to craft a believable love story in the most extraordinary settings.

My fellow panelists are
Jacey Bedford, D.A. Lascelles, Kate Soley Barton & Justina Robson

So come along and join us if you’re at the convention. I’m there for the long weekend and I will be spending my time, as per usual, looking slightly lost and harried but do say hello. And help me.