A Hollow in the Hills Playlist

To celebrate the release of A Hollow in the Hills (all right, it escaped a bit early  but I think they have it firmly under control now) here is my playlist –


There are songs for different characters, and various events. There are songs that are for overall mood as well.

And you can listen to them on YouTube too.

A Hollow in the Hills is out now from O’Brien Press and available at your local bookshop or online.

Something is stirring beneath Dubh Linn.
When an ancient and forbidden power is unleashed, Izzy, who is still coming to terms with her newfound powers, must prevent a war from engulfing Dublin and the fae realm of Dubh Linn. But by refusing to sacrifice Jinx – fae warrior and her ‘not-really-ex’ – Izzy sets in motion a chain of events which will see them hunted across the city and into the hills where she’ll face the greatest challenge of all. In the deepest and darkest Hollow, an angel of death is waiting …and the price he asks for his help might be too high …