Going Dark

New Grange Solstice Sunrise

I’m going to plug A Crack in Everything as a prezzie one last time. Angels, demons and scary fairies in Dublin

I say one last time because I’ll be going dark for Xmas after today. So I might plug it again tonight. But after that I’ll shut up. Maybe.

Of course if you haven’t read The Treachery of Beautiful things you should totally get that too. Or any of my books really. #Buymybooks

That gratuitous self promotion was brought to you by commercialism and the need to pay for my Xmas shopping. No really.

So happy Winter Solstice , Christmas and New Year to everyone. See you all in 2015 for another exciting year and A Hollow in the Hills, where Izzy, Jinx, Dylan and friends (?) will be back to cause mayhem in Dublin again.

Photo from Newgrange.com