Look at the new shiny!

I’m so excited to launch my new look website today. The wonderful Crystal Jordan did an incredible job capturing my rambling descriptions of what I wanted the website to look like and actually make it a reality. She even made me a pretty banner to share!


Sometimes it moves. That seems to depend on where it is and whether if wants to mess with my head or not! 😀

I’m so thrilled with the whole thing and hope you like it too. The launch of the paperback of The Treachery of Beautiful Things is just over a week away so I’m sure to be doing a giveaway and a number of posts to coincide with that.

More exciting things to come!


4 thoughts on “Look at the new shiny!

  1. OMG! This is gorgeous, Ruth. Love the way the Amazing Crystal did your name in that awesome typeface. Love the color palette, very shiny indeed! Congrats.

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