It’s quiet…

too quiet…

At least, around here. So basically this is a little bit round up and a little bit apology.

Last weekend I went on an extended writing weekend with writing friends. We rented a holiday cottage in Wexford and wrote and wrote and wrote. And ate sometimes. Usually junk. On the way down there we did some booktrailer filming (more on that to come soon I hope). It was kind of hillarious but I will say that YA supernatural thriller writer Laura Jane Cassidy makes a rather excellent Jenny. Ickle_tayto of twitter fame is our auteur and is doing an awesome job so far. Claire Hennessy minded the bags like a superstar and I got in the way. It was super-exciting and can’t wait to see everything put together.

Then we had lunch (priorities) and headed for Wexford. Eimear Ryan joined us later that evening while we watched the Eurovision song contest and Claire hid around the corner.

Making the agreement to eat at certain times was a good plan, mainly because we all appear to be the type of writers to get completely sucked in to what we are doing and forget about the rest of the world and little things like hunger.

It was a very productive weekend I think for all of us. For me anyway, as I got 13,700 ish words written on a new sekrit project and I’m REALLY excited about it. *squeeeeeeeeeeee*


I highly recommend a writers’ weekend away with my writing friends (YMMV). It’s not quite like herding cats. It certainly isn’t a patch on herding librarians. I’ll be away for a week doing that in July in Prague. eek.

This week has invovled work, and trying to add to that wordcount. In a rather measley way unfortunately. But there’s been some increase so all is well. And a trip to The Chocolate Garden of Ireland where we did this and I had what was possiby the most beautiful hot chocolate in the world ever. No I am not kidding. Delicious! The ice cream was a big hit with the kids. And mighty was the shopping. Plus all the little hand crafted chocolate leaves and flowers gave me a rather splendid idea for the booklaunch in September. More on that later, if I can pull it all together.

Today prompted by the 7 year old and the kind people at Live Drive who gave us the tickets, my best friend Lady E, dd and I are off to the Women’s World exhibition in the RDS. To be women and pampered and find the food by our amazing sense of smell, and score freebies with womenly wiles. Or something. That’s how it will be in my head anyway. We’ll see.  I’ll let you know.

74 days to go to Treachery…