Next stage – the ponders…

I’m at that point.

Today (or at least that’s the plan), after the pre-requisite trips to the green-grocer, butcher and supermarket for anything we can’t source elsewhere, after the cooking of dinners and the referee-ing of small children, I’m going to try to decide what I’ll work on next.

This should be easy (I always tell myself). But it rarely is.

I am blessed/cursed with a lot of ideas, some of them very fully formed and ready to go. New ones spring up all the time and I tend to jot them down and then try to move on with what I’m meant to be working on.

So… I have a series of ideas folders. I have some initial research. In some cases I have a LOT of research. 🙂 (I like research.) At the moment there are at least 5 books calling for attention. Often there are many more.

Some have been waiting a long time. It would be fairer to let them have their chance. I’m looking at you library book.

Some are the next part of an ongoing story. I’ve tons of research and some dearly beloved characters I’d love to spend time with again. I’m looking at you sequel book.

Some are shiny and exciting and don’t seem to fit into any one category but like to switch sub-genre when I’m not looking. They’re fast paced and thrilling. I can visualise the major scenes perfectly and I’m already in love with these marvelous new characters. Hello again there Space Opera/Steampunk/Fantasy book.

And some have just turned up, inspired by a dream and the holiday NOT taken, full of wonder and excitement, blending places and legends I love in a new way. They are the shiniest of the shiny in their perfect newness. Yes, Brittany book, you’re there too.

And there are more, many more. Some old, some new, some long promised, some which raise their hands forlornly and have a single spark of hope left in their rheumy eyes.

Does anyone else feel guilty for the stories they haven’t written? Those they’ve set to one side and promised “one day”, but one day hasn’t quite got here yet?

So tonight, I’ll sit down and make a list, look at where each of them sits, look at marketability and promises made, look at teh shiny and the things I ought to do.

Decisions, decisions…

(If I start asking random and seemingly inane questions later on, you’ll know why, won’t you?)

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