A Photo Moment

As things are so quiet at the moment (i.e. I am working very very hard on rewrites – honest!) I thought I’d share some of my photos as a regular (or semi-regular) slot on the blog. I love taking photos wherever I go. They often end up being a source of inspiration in my writing. So it kind of ties in! 🙂

Loctudy Chapel
Church of St. Tudy, Loctudy, France - August 2008

The late 11th century church at Loctudy, in Brittany, France. We visited the area over the last three years and had wonderful holidays there. This small and beautifully atmospheric church is still in regular use.

Sad to say my wonderful Fujifilm camera, with which I took this died recently. I have a canon at the moment but will probably buy myself anther Fuji in the long run.