Like Sidhe?

Like magic? Like UF?

Then you’ll LOVE Genny!

The wonderful Suzanne McLeod’s The Cold Kiss of Death officially releases today. Let excitement and bouncing elephants reign supreme.

I’m reading the first volume in this series The Sweet Scent of Blood (What? I’m a slow reader! Give me a break!) and its awesome.

Don’t believe me? (How could you doubt me?!)

Kimberly at Darque Reviews has given The Cold Kiss of Death a starred read!

‘Ms. McLeod outdoes herself, and takes her fictional world to new levels. The Cold Kiss of Death is a refreshing escape that will keep readers glued to every page.’

Gareth over at Falcata Times says …

‘Great writing, enough sass to make [Genny] believable and above all a tale that makes us all want to visit to see the “hidden” side of this ancient city. . . making [Suzanne] perhaps Britain’s premiere Urban Fantasy Author.** has given The Cold Kiss of Death !

‘The Cold Kiss of Death [is] an exciting and satisfyingly complex read. Throw in an imaginatively realised fantasy London with demons, sorcerers, satyrs, vampires, necromancers and a wide variety of faery beings and it’s clear that this book is a sure-fire winner for fantasy fans.’

Go on, you know you want it! Make sure to hop over to Suzanne’s LJ and congratulation her!