The Book of Gold


Published 28/11/2024
Publisher Hodderscape

ISBN 9781399731560

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‘History and enchantment woven in a seamless, intricate tapestry’ Sarah Rees Brennan

A desperate thief. A magical book. And a heist for the ages.

There’s only one thing notorious thief Lyta loves more than a big score: her little brother, Kit. But when Kit is arrested for producing seditious pamphlets, he stands to lose not only his printing press, but possibly his life.

In exchange for her brother’s freedom, Lyta strikes a daring bargain with the king -she will steal the infamous Book of Gold: a mysterious manuscript reputed to be hiding vast magical power within.

It’s just the kind of challenge Lyta relishes, but she didn’t bargain for a secretive scholar, her brother’s interference, or the return of handsome and brooding Captain Sylvian Chant, once her lover and partner in crime, now an incorruptible royal bodyguard . . .

M. A. Kuzniar, bestselling author of Midnight in Everwood
An epic historic adventure that sweeps you away with magic books, gods, and a gorgeous second-chance romance. This book is golden!

Sarah Rees Brennan, author of Long Live Evil
History and enchantment woven in a seamless, intricate tapestry

Lyra Selene, author of A Feather So Black
Intricately plotted and vividly imagined, The Book of Gold snatched me away to a dangerous, decadent city populated by thieves and kings; scholars and gods. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this smart, inventive, and propulsive debut