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The Queen’s Wing is out & a surprise

Celebrating the release of The Queen’s Wing by Jessica Thorne yesterday I forgot to post here! Sorry people. It was nothing to do with the lovely bottle of champagne. I promise.

The Queen’s Wing is now out in ebook, paperback and audiobook and available in all the usual online places. Hopefully we’ll start seeing it in bricks and motor shops soon as well. If you do, take a photo and send it to me. (or @JessThorneBooks).

Today, just to add to the excitement and ensure that I’m never going to calm down at all, The Stone Heart, the sequel to The Queen’s Wing is available for pre-order and the lovely people at Bookouture have released the beautiful cover. I can’t believe my luck. I don’t know what I’ve done to please the cover fairies again but I’m hoping I keep on doing it.

This is absolutely stunning! It features Petra, as does the book as well as Bel.

The Stone’s Heart comes out on the 19th February but you can pre-order it now.


Mansion of Madness on Comixology and The Queen’s Wing in print

Mansion of Madness

Just in time for Halloween, pick up a copy of the new horror comic book anthology, Mansion Of Madness, which is edited by Lee Robson and Dan Hill. It includes my comics debut, Black Dogs, where aliens and folklore collide with incredible artwork by Bryan Coyle.

Find out more below, but also to add, the print edition of The Queen’s Wing by Jessica Thorne, is now available for pre-order (, Book Depository).


The classic British studio has been resurrected under new ownership and releases a one-off special of their classic horror comic Mansion of Madness

United Kingdom, 2018: After almost forty years, the classic British studio Mallet Productions is back, with new owners and a brand new edition of the classic horror anthology Mansion of Madness, featuring the stories from some of the best and brightest creators in the comics world today.

A 48 page digital only collection, Mansion of Madness contains six brand new spine-tingling tales of terror, guaranteed to leave you sleeping with the lights on.

Here’s the entire ToC:


Writer: Andi Ewington
Artist: Maan House
Letterer: Bolt-01

Black Dog

Writer: Ruth Frances Long
Artist: Bryan Cole
Letterer: Bolt-01

Traffic Stop

Writer: Dan Hill
Artist: Alfie Gallagher
Letterer: Bolt-01

Words Are Not Real

Writer: Maura McHugh
Artist: Alex Patterson
Letterer: Bolt-01

The Whispers of The Stones

Writer: Jasper Bark
Artist: Paul Moore
Letterer: Bolt-01

A Nest Of Plaques And Tangles

Writer: Clay McLeod Chapman
Artist: Adam Kindred
Letterer: Bolt-01

Front cover: Mattthew John Soffe
Rear Cover: Andi Ewington

Behind The Curtain feature written by Colin Smith (illustrations Provided by the estate of “Carlo Ferigno”)

MoM design and logo by Bryan Coyle
Mallet Productions logo by Andi Ewington

Octocon is coming…

Very exciting times as the Octocon programme has gone live! Here’s my schedule for the weekend –


Just to warn people – Sunday at 11.30 am I’m running a writing workshop. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Full details can be found on the Octocon website and clicking on the title of the panel (etc.) will give all the details and all the wonderful guests.

Can’t wait to see everyone.

The Queen’s Wing cover reveal

I’m so excited about this cover, revealed today by Bookouture. The book is now available for Kindle pre-order from and , Kobo and iBooks, and will be released on 21st November.  For now, it’s at the low low price of less than a bag of crisps, folks. Pre-order. You know it makes sense.

Come on over to the Bookouture page on facebook or twitter (@Bookouture) and share the fun.

‘I was born to fly,’ I told my brothers. But it isn’t true. I was born to be a pawn in the great game of royal houses, married to someone – anyone – my family deems suitable. If I’m lucky, he’ll be my own age and bearable. If I’m very lucky, he’ll be someone who understands my need to fight, and to fly…

Bel, born to nobility, would do anything to spend her days alongside her brothers – soaring through the heavens in her beloved flyer. She’s faster than any of them, but she knows her days in the skies are numbered.

When a surprise attack on the palace lands Bel’s father on the throne, her life is forever changed. In order to secure her father’s empire, Bel must travel to a distant land to marry the recently widowed young ruler, Conleith.

But Bel’s new home is less than welcoming: compared to the refined ladies at court, Bel seems like a wild woman, and assassination attempts, treason and mystery threaten her at every turn. With a growing attraction to Con, her life is further complicated by the attentive leader of her bodyguards – a warrior called Shae whom she has loved since childhood…

A heart-stoppingly magical new novel that will keep you turning the pages. Perfect for fans of The Selection, Bella Forrest and Sarah J. Maas.